Corn is one of the most beloved vegetables out there, so it’s no surprise that people have come up with some hilarious jokes about this tasty treat. Whether you’re looking for something to entertain your friends or just want to laugh at something silly, here is a long list of corn jokes that are sure to leave you in stitches.

  1. How much does a corn flake weigh? 1 Kelloggram.
  2. What did the cornfield say when it heard rain coming? That’s music to my ears.
  3. Did you hear about that corn stalk that changed careers? He went into a different field.
  4. What kind of amphibian lives in a corn field? A corned toad.
  5. Who is the leader of the corn army? The kernal.
  6. What did the baby corn, say to the mama corn? Where’s pop corn?
  7. Did you know there’s an app for corn growers? It’s made in Sili-corn Valley.
  8. What do you call buying a huge amount of corn at once? Stalk investment.
  9. What do you call a solitary and single kernel of corn? A unicorn!
  10. What do you tell maize after it graduates from high school? Corn-gratulations.
  11. What happens if you castrate a corn cob? It becomes a Eunuch-Corn
  12. How much does pirate corn cost? A buck an ear.
  13. Why would a miser tape a bunch of kernels to his ceiling? Because he could not afford fire alarms.
  14. Do you know who is considered the corniest professional baseballer of all time? Ty Cobb!
  15. Why were all the corn stalks afraid of Jimmy? Because Jimmy cracks corn and he don’t care.
  16. What’s the best thing about corn? It’s the only food that if you really wanted to you could eat twice
  17. Did you hear about the corn cob that joined the army? It was promoted to kernel.
  18. What happened when I accidentally stepped on a kernel? I became a cereal killer.
  19. Why did the corn call the police? Because it got stalked!
  20. Why are corn farmers great at eavesdropping? Because they have ears everywhere!
  21. What’s the best food to talk to? Corn. They’re all ears.
  22. Why didn’t anyone laugh at the gardener’s jokes? Because they were too corny
  23. What is the favorite game of the corncob? It’s b-husk-etball.
  24. What did the farmer say when someone complimented him on his corn harvest? “Aww, shucks!”
  25. What did the broth say to the corn starch? You thicken me.
  26. Do you know where the most expensive corn in the country is from? From Tampa, it’s a buccaneer.
  27. How did the tomato court the corn? He whispered sweet nothings into her ear.
  28. What is a mythical veggie called? It is a unicorn!
  29. What is corn oil use for? Corn cars.
  30. What’s the difference between corn and potatoes? One has ears, the other has eyes.
  31. What you call a potato and an ear of corn driving a police car? Starchy and Husk.
  32. Why is corn popular around Halloween? Because it’s so earie.
  33. What sort of land and water proficient lives in a corn field? A corned amphibian.
  34. How did the corn farmer get to be so successful? He corn-ered the market!
  35. How much does a pirate pay for corn? A buccaneer.
  36. What’s the difference between your granny and your granary? One is your born kin and the other is your corn bin.
  37. What did the corn farmer say to his therapist? An ear full.
  38. What was the name of the vegetable police squad that rode motorcycles? Corn CHiPs.
  39. How do you make sweet corn? You whisper sweet nothings in its ear!
  40. How do they describe the Iowa State fair? It’s like a corn-ival.
  41. Illinois has corn, Wisconsin has cheese, what does Michigan have? Lead poisoning.
  42. Why did the corn farmer win a Nobel Peace Prize? Because of his dedication to world hominy.
  43. What do farmers do on Christmas eve? Hang the corn stalkings over the fireplace.
  44. What kind of party is held in a cornfield? A cornball!
  45. What is a buccaneer? A fair price for corn.
  46. Which kind of corn holds the highest position in the catholic church? Popecorn
  47. What is a spider’s favorite food? Corn on the cob-web.
  48. Who is popcorn‘s distant relative? Poppies.
  49. What happens if you swallow a whole corn cob? You get corn-stipated!
  50. Where does corn go for vacation? Lake Earie. (Lake Erie)
  51. Why are cornfield mazes part of our Halloween tradition? They are exceptionally ear-ie.
  52. Why didn’t the corn chip advocate wear shoes? They believed in Fritos.
  53. Did you hear about the farm dog who liked to strip ears of corn? He was part husky.
  54. Did you know corn has a favorite food? It loves cobb salad.
  55. What did the farmer give his wife for Valentines day? Corn Rows.
  56. What do you call a joke with vegetables in it? Corny
  57. What do you call the state fair in Iowa? A corn-ival.
  58. What is sweeter than sweet corn? Candy corn, of course!
  59. What do you get when a truck runs over a corn cob? Creamed corn.
  60. What does corn use to get on the internet? The cobweb.
  61. What the corniest part of a corn field? The corner.
  62. Why doesn’t the corn trust the cornflake? It has a reputation for flaking last minute.
  63. If corn oil comes from corn, what does baby oil come from? Minerals. What did you think I was going to say?
  64. Have you ever walked through a corn field? It’s Amaizeing.
  65. What does corn use as money? Corn bread.
  66. What do you call corn that is crazy? A corn-nut.
  67. What is a corn’s favorite type of flower? Corn-flower.
  68. What do they call the best student at the corn college? The A-corn.
  69. Why did the manager fire the corn? Cause he was sleeping on the cob!
  70. Why was the corn beaten up by the neighbors? Because he was stalking.
  71. What do corn stalk’s raise? Cornish Game Hens.
  72. What did the kernel’s friend ask the kernel? What’s popping?
  73. What do you call Monty Python if it’s filled with corn? Del Monte Python
  74. What’s the subtle difference between popcorn and pea soup? Well, you are able to pop corn but can’t really pee soup.
  75. What happened to the football team that practiced in a corn field? They got creamed.
  76. What do you call corn that’s been frightened? Screamed corn.
  77. Why are farmers growing corn? Don’t they know they can just buy it at the grocery store!
  78. Why did one of the five kernels not pop? He was wearing sunscreen.
  79. Why did the corn stalk stop moving? It ran out of corn oil.
  80. What did the kernel say to his girlfriend after movies? I hope you are having a grain time.
  81. What do you get when you cross a corn cob and a cow? Corned Beef.
  82. What kind of pizza toppings do corn get? Popperoni.
  83. Why are so many farmers conservative? Because they vote republicorn.
  84. After an eating competition, what would the corn say? It is utter corn-age.
  85. What do you get when you cross a werewolf and maize? A corn dog.
  86. Why do balloons hate kernels? Because they might pop.
  87. What has many ears but cannot hear? A field of corn.
  88. Why did everyone believe the corn’s story? Because there was a kernel of truth to it.
  89. I gave a huge sum of money to a corn farmer. I was a bit nervous, it was a major stalk investment.
  90. How is an ear of corn like an army? Both have lots of kernels.
  91. What do you call a pair of cornstalks that are best friends? Ear buds!
  92. Why aren’t corn eyeball jokes any good? Because they are plain cornea.
  93. Why couldn’t the corn answer the door? It was in the can.
  94. For what crime do popcorns never get charged? Being engaged in buttery.
  95. Who is popcorn’s favorite character? Mary Poppins.
  96. Why could the kernel not pop? She was cornfused.
  97. What were the charges against the popcorn in court? A-salt.
  98. What would a gymnast popcorn be famous for? Probably for its sommer-salt.
  99. What should you use to make spicy popcorn? Poprika.
  100. What customs do popcorn society follow? Pop culture.

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