This free easy rose crochet pattern is the perfect project to add a little beauty to your world. Choose some coordinating yarn colors, follow this easy step-by-step crochet rose pattern, and in ho time you will have created something quite lovely! They really are a perfect little addition to many projects.

You know that I love crochet flowers! I am always looking for beautiful crochet flower patterns and I love to share a free pattern with you. This crochet rose pattern works up quickly and is easy to teach.

Crochet Rose
free easy crochet rose pattern

Crochet Rose Pattern

This simple rose pattern would be a perfect embellishment for a crochet hat or crochet headband. Try them on a hairband or clip for an extra pretty hair accessory.

Free Easy Rose Crochet Pattern

Using crochet hook size I and worsted weight yarn, chain 51.

Row 1

In the second chain from hook sc. Chain 2, skip next chain, sc in next chain.  Repeat sc, chain 2, skip sc, sc in next chain across.

Row 2

Turn, chain 1. In chain 2 space 3 HD crochet, chain 1, slip stitch (all in chain 2 space). Slip stitch in next chain 2 space, chain 1, 3HD, chain 1, slip stitch. In next chain 2 space, slip stitch, chain 1, 3 HD crochet, chain 1, slip stitch. In remain chain two spaces alternate 4 HD crochet and 5 HD crochet across until end of row. Fasten of and weave in ends.

easy crochet rose tutorial

To form rose start with the 3 half double crochets end and roll up into a flower shape. Use a yarn needle to stitch flower together on the backside.

easy crochet flower tutorial

It is simple to make different sized layered rose flowers by adjusting the beginning chain, just keep it an odd number. The purple flower was 41 chains. The red flower was 31 chains. The small hot pink flower was 21 chains with a size H crochet hook.

crochet flower DIY

If you love to crochet please visit my free crochet patterns database. You will find hundreds of beautiful crochet patterns.  You can even upload your own crochet patterns! Please do! I am always looking for things to crochet!

Here is a simpler version of the free crochet rose pattern above. They make the loveliest crochet coffee cozy! It certainly adds a bit of handmade love to gift to a coffee or tea lover.

crochet coffee sleeve with roses on white take out cup sitting on desk

Crochet Flowers

Here are some of my favorite crochet flowers. They are sure to brighten up any project.

Big and beautiful crochet flower

Crochet Flower Pattern

Crochet Sunflower


Learn how to crochet this simple crochet flower.

colorful simple crochet flowers

These flowers are perfect on a hat. Make one of these crochet hats! They make a great gift for teenagers, they are nice to have on hand to donate to people in cold months, and adding a bright flower is a great way to bring a feeling of summer to those cold dreary months!

My Favorite Crochet Tools

  • If you are like me and like to crochet on the go this tote is a stylish way to keep everything you need at your fingertips!
  • My MOST FAVORITE tool is these portable scissors that always make it through security and fit perfectly in my hook case.
  • A️ yarn bowl is a beautiful way to wrangle yarn while crocheting
  • Keep organized with this crochet hooks kit with a case. This 85-piece kit has over 2,500  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five-star reviews.
  • Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos is the most helpful resource to keep handy!

Easy Crochet Projects For you:

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More Crochet Ideas

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  1. My grandmotherhad crocheted us all bed spreads made with individual squares with a rose like that on each square. That was 2 decades ago and I still love and use it.

  2. Sharon, I would love for you to share. Could you please paste the link in your facebook group?

  3. I am a member of a Facebook group that makes roses for charity. Would it be ok to share your rose pattern with them?

  4. Instructions are not correct. If it’s (sc, chain 2, skip a chain, sc) repeat, that means there are two sc’s in a row. But then there are not the right number of chains in the initial chain, and the picture looks like there’s just one sc and then the skip a chain. So…. ??

  5. Hi I enjoyed crocheting my first rose however, forming a rose the instructions was not clear. Thank you I would like to do more rose for I really like your patterns.

  6. That is just where ads are trying to load. The pattern continues after the blank area. Nothing is covered, it just continues after the blank areas.

  7. If this is a free pattern, why are there blank areas like a sheet of paper is covering part of the instructions? I can download it that way1

  8. Congratulations on the beautiful crochet flowers was perfect, I would very much like to find a way to make crochet, but it is not my gift. I wish you success

  9. I’ve used this pattern so many times. I absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing it. I’m currently using it to make yellow roses for the memorial to victims of a recent mass shooting in ky town

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