Learn how to draw a horse step-by-step with this tutorial. Print out the guide grab a pencil and make a simple horse drawing! Whether you are a budding artist, or you just like to doodle, these simple instructions serve as a great way to get the inspiration flowing! It’s great for kids too!

easy horse drawing black and white from skip to my lou
Learn how to draw a horse following our simple steps.

Once you have completed this realistic horse drawing check out all these things to draw! If you like to color, check out these beautiful mandala coloring pages, and these coloring pages for teenagers have designs that everyone might like!

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Easy Step By Step Horse Drawing Tutorial

Learn how to draw a horse easily with these steps. Begin with the Horse Body Guidelines (Steps 1-9)

Lightly sketch these lines with a pencil.

Step 1: Draw a circle (shoulder/chest guide) – little tip: think of the circle as the face of a clock.

Step 2: Draw a second slightly smaller circle to the right (back/behind guide).

Step 3: Draw a third much smaller circle to the left and above circle 1 (head guide).

Step 4: Add a long inverted/upside down trapeze shape at the bottom of circle 3 – at about 5:30 and 8 o’clock.

Step 5: Add a slightly curved line for the neck connecting circle 1 and 3 – start at 1 o’clock on circle 3 and end at about 11 o’clock on circle 1.

Step 6-7: Create the front leg guides – at the bottom of circle 1, draw each leg in three parts with two bends, bend the leg back at the knee and forward at the fetlock joint. We drew a standing and a bent leg (at 6 and 7:30 o’clock, respectively).

Step 8-9: Add the back leg guides – similar to the front legs, draw each guide in three parts with two bends, but here you will draw the bend for the hook forward as well as the bend for the fetlock joint. We drew two similar legs, one in front of the other (at 6 and 5 o’clock – circle 2).

drawing guides for horse drawing
Start with these simple outlines.

Let’s start drawing You can make this drawing your own by changing the position of the head, tail or legs, or the distance between the guides, or the facial features. (You could now change to a pen or colored pencil)

Step 10: Start with the neck and horse’s back – draw a curved/ arched line parallel to the neck guide (start slightly above circle 3 at nearly 12 o’clock, end at 1 o’clock on circle 1). Continue the line towards circle 2 to 11 o’clock, and draw along the circle till 5 o’clock.

add back to horse drawing
Soon, your horse will take shape!

Step 11: Add the belly – draw a curving line between circle 1 (at about 6 o’clock) and 2 (at about 7 o’clock).

Step 12: Draw the first hind leg – continuing the back line from step 10, draw around the leg guide. Add bumps at the hook, fetlock joint, and hoof. Keep drawing the line up into the body to indicate the thigh.

draw back leg of horse
Next, add some detail to the back leg.

Step 13: Draw the first front leg – similar to step 12, draw around the leg guide. Add bumps at the knee, fetlock joint, and hoof. Continue the line into the body as well. This helps to show which leg is facing us.

Step 14: Draw a horse head – similar to the legs, draw around the head guides and add bumps around the bottom of the trapeze to indicate the chin, mouth, and nostrils. (Draw around the guides, start at 2 o’clock on circle 3, around the trapeze, end at 11 o’clock).

Step 15-16: Add the first ear – in the space to the left of circle 3, draw a forward bent ear. Add details – draw a curved line inside the ear (from its point to where it meets the headline). This will show the inside of the ear.

Step 17: Add the forelocks – draw a curved line from the ear to the middle of the face (or as long as you like).

Step 18: With the forelocks in place, add the second ear – draw it behind the first in the same shape and style.

Step 19: Add the mane – draw a curved line along the neck. This will make it look like the mane is on the other side. For a long mane – see step 21.

Step 20: Continue the neck and add the chest – draw an arched line parallel to the neck guide connecting the circle 3 (at 3-4 o’clock) and circle 1 at 10 o’clock), continue along the circle to the leg.

Step 21: Add the mane – draw strands of hair or a few curved spikes.

Step 22: Add the second front leg – just as in step 13, draw around the leg guide, adding bumps at the knee, fetlock joint, and hoof. This time do not draw inside the body.

Step 23: Add the tail – draw a long waved tail.

add tail to horse drawing
Your horse is taking shape nicely.

Step 24-26: With the tail in place, add the second hind leg – behind the tail, draw around the leg guide, adding bumps at the knee hook, fetlock joint, and hoof.

Step 27: Add the eye – place the eye inside circle 3, at around 8 o’clock.

Step 28: Add the nostril – draw an inverted 6 or bean shape at the left bottom corner of the trapeze.

complete horse drawing before erasing guide lines
Almost there!

Step 29: Draw a simple line for the mouth. Step 30: erase the guidelines and add any finishing touches you like (e.g. lines for the hooves or horseshoes, strands for the mane and tail, saddle and reins, etc.) You are now all done with your first drawing of a majestic horse ready to be colored or decorated!

easy horse drawing black and white
What a beauty!

This tutorial merely serves as a basic example. The more you practice, the more you will be able to individualize the drawing. You can change the facial expression, legs, mane, and tail, add markings or add a mandala pattern for a fun coloring project. Omit or add any details you like. Have fun drawing.

How to Draw a Horse Drawing Guide Step by Step

Use this printable download as your drawing guide. Follow the steps and you will be on your way to creating a hand-drawn horse by YOU!

step by step instructions to draw a horse
Easy Horse Drawing Step by Step Instructions

My Favorite Drawing Supplies

More Things to Draw!

After you have made a horse sketch keep drawing. Practice makes perfect! Grab your pencils and give these drawings a try!

Coloring is another way to use those colored pencils. Color your stress away with Mandala Coloring Pages.

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