Moon drawing is an easy step by step drawing tutorial with simple steps so you will end up with this fun moon and stars drawing! With a few supplies and 15 minutes, you will have your own night sky drawing!

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add clouds to finish your moon drawing
Crescent Moon Drawing

Moon Drawing Easy Supplies

Gather a few supplies you probably already have and you’re good to get started on this simple moon drawing.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • a circle shape to trace like a large can or lid from a can of nuts
  • small star shapes to trace, if needed
  • colored pencils or fine tipped markers
  • ruler

Learn How to Draw a Moon Easy!

The instructions and illustrated images will show you how to draw this moon and stars picture from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the easy steps.

  1. Start drawing by lightly tracing a large circle on your paper. Notice how there is more blank space on the left side of the paper than the right side. begin moon drawing with a circle
  2. In this step you will change the moon shape from a full moon to a waning crescent moon. Move your circle to the right and let the edges rest on the moon you drew until you see the crescent moon shape. Lightly trace around the circle to create a crescent moon.sketch crescent shape in the circle of the moon drawing
  3. Erase the areas of the moon you don’t need for this picture and trace over the crescent moon with a fine tipped marker.outline crescent
  4. In this step you will add 3 stars. If you have a star shape to trace, use that to draw one star on the lower left side of the moon and the other two stars on the right side of the moon. If you do not have a star shape to trace, Draw 5 point stars by drawing a small triangle, turning the paper and drawing another small triangle and continuing around with three more small triangles that touch. Erase the base of each triangle to reveal a 5 point star.add stars to the moon drawing
  5. In this final step, you will draw irregular shapes to make 2 clouds at the bottom of the moon. These clouds have a straight line at the bottom and the tops are formed by making 3 curved lines in the short, tall, short pattern. (If you want to make this moon and stars picture kind of spooky, you could draw the clouds in front of the moon! Be sure to erase any background lines so the clouds appear in front.)add clouds to finish your moon drawing

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Stars Around the Moon Drawing Video

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