This paper plate magnet maze is a really clever afternoon activity! Kids will love these.

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paper plate magnet mazePaper Plate Magnet Maze

 Magnet Maze Template (print the bunny/space shuttle on card stock)
Paper plate (I think a regular white one would work well, but we had brown ones on hand, so that’s what we used)
Markers (fine and thick)
Colored pencils
3/16″ x 12″ dowel
1/2″ button magnets (2 per maze/plate)
Glue gun & glue stick

1. The template has a sample maze to use, or you can easily just make your own with a compass; use the bunny or space shuttle on the template, or make your own (e.g. surfer to the sun, car to the finish line, swimmer to a gold medal if we are going with an olympic theme). If using a compass, make 4 circles lessening 1″ with each smaller circle. Each circular row, should have one opening to the next, and a barrier somewhere along the row as well. Go over the maze lines with a marker. Draw the moon or bunch of carrots (or whatever you choose for the prize destination) in the center and color.

paper plate magnet mazepaper plate magnet mazepaper plate magnet maze2. Color the bunny/space shuttle and cut out. Glue a magnet piece behind the bunny/space shuttle, and another on the end of the dowel to make the magnet wand. Make sure the opposite magnets are facing each other, so they will attract and be able to work together on the maze.

paper plate magnet mazepaper plate magnet mazepaper plate magnet mazepaper plate magnet mazepaper plate magnet mazeHold the magnet wand under the plate and direct your bunny/rocket ship to the center of the plate!

paper plate magnet mazepaper plate magnet mazepaper plate magnet mazeWith the Summer Olympics coming up, I think creating a swimmer, runner, or gymnast to a gold medal would be a great way to commemorate the event and get the kids excited about it. This would also be a great project to do for a party event, or just need a quick craft for those lazy summer afternoons. Thus, if you have a plate, dowel, and markers already lying around the house, go on a quick trip to pick up some magnets at the craft store, then get started on this summer project as soon as possible.

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