Writing a letter to Santa is a fun way to create Christmas traditions that your kids will love.  This free printable letter will help make the task simple. (I know you don’t need extra work right now!) Simply print out this letter and let your child start writing away. I’ve also included an envelope addressed to Santa Claus North Pole and instructions on how to receive a Santa letter via the Postal Service™.

If you need some easy ideas to create some fun family time this Christmas, I think you’ll love these Christmas Coloring Pages, Christmas Jokes. and Christmas Crafts.

letter to santa printable

FREE PRINTABLE Letter to Santa Claus

This printable Santa letter can be printed on regular white copy paper and makes for fun memories to look back over the years at what your child wanted for Christmas.

How to Send a Letter to THe north pole

It is easy to get your mail to the North Pole with this free printable letter that includes a fun envelope addressed to Santa.

  1. Download and print the free Letter to Santa Stationery and Santa envelope, in color on white copy paper. Cut out the letter and envelope. Fold together the envelope and fasten with a glue stick.
  2. Have your child fill out the letter, fold the letter in half and place it in the envelope addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole. You can actually take it to the post office and send it. Be sure though to follow these instructions if you want a reply.
letter to santa envelope printable

If you want your child to receive a letter from Santa the Postal Service™ can help!  Santa can reply to your child’s letter complete with the North Pole Postmark and return address! The Greetings from the North Pole Post Office program adds to the excitement of Christmas and is ideal for getting kids interested in letter writing, stamps, and penmanship.

Use this free letter from Santa printable paper. There is even a version you can edit if you want to personalize your Santa Claus letter.

How to Send a Letter from Santa to Your Child

The Elf on the Shelf can even prompt your child to write a letter with these printable Elf Notes.

elf with letter to santa

More Fun Christmas Ideas

Use the holidays to spend time together and build family memories. Do you have special traditions to celebrate the Season?

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  1. Hi Lisa, when I click the link in step 1. it opens the Letter to Santa. Would you try again? Please let me know if you still can’t get it to open.

  2. My kids love writing their letters to Santa each year! This is the perfect printable for them. They would be so excited to get a letter back!

  3. This is such a great idea! My kids are going to LOVE it! Thanks for the information, I had not idea the Post Office did this!

  4. This is such a cute letter. My kids are so excited to fill them out and send them to Santa. Thank you!

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