Here are the most fun White Elephant gift ideas for your holiday party! Everyone will get a big laugh out of these clever ideas. You will also find four printable tags to attach to a holiday gift to create the perfect last-minute White Elephant gift.

Holidays are a great time to have fun with friends and family. You might like to play Minute to Win It or these fun family games at your next party.  My family likes to make and bake gifts for friends, classmates and teachers with last minute gifts and Christmas gift ideas.

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White elephant gift ideas

DIY White Elephant Gifts

Some of the best funny white elephant gift ideas are those you put together yourself. That’s where our free printable gift tags come in!

Printable White Elephant Gift Tags {FREE}

If you need a good gag gift QUICK for a White Elephant party check out these DIY White Elephant gift ideas.  They only take a few minutes to make. All you need to do is gather the simple gift, print the gift tag, attach and wrap. EASY!

Extra Dough

Everyone could use some extra dough at the holidays! Fill a container with cookie dough (it doesn’t even have to be homemade) and attach the gift tag. I used this clever white elephant gift idea in 2018 and it was actually one of the most popular gifts in the game.

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White elephant gift

In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

A small (6 X 6) shadowbox frame works perfectly for this white elephant gift idea!  Remove back, Place the tag on glass and fill the frame with candy. Replace back and you have a cute little gift.  Be sure to wrap it up with a small hammer.  I found this one at Harbor Freight. You might see what the dollar store has.

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white elephant gift ideas 2018

Ultimate Stress Reliever

This is a great way to recycle bubble wrap and promote a stress-free holiday!

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useful white elephant gift ideas

Toy Not Included

This white elephant gift idea is a play on the batteries not included notice found on toys. All you need to do is wrap up some batteries and attach the gift tag. This is actually one of the most useful white elephant gift ideas you could give – after all, who doesn’t need batteries?

Toy not included gift tag

funny white elephant gift ideas

What are the Best White Elephant Gift Ideas?

It’s almost that time of year, full of Christmas parties.  Office parties, neighborhood parties, or a church get together are sure to be on your list!  If  I am guessing right, one or more will be a white elephant party! Don’t fret – this post will help you find a clever gift to give that will have everyone laughing, or at least make people smile!

White Elephant Gift Ideas

These ideas can easily be purchased online.

Bacon Toothpaste

For the bacon lovers of the world, this over the top bacon-flavored toothpaste is a funny and somewhat gross way to celebrate a love for bacon!  It will be sure to get everyone laughing.

how to play white elephant

Nose Cups

These pick your nose cups!  They are pretty realistic.  When sippers tip their heads to take a drink, it appears they’ve grown a different nose and sometimes even a mustache.
White Elephant

Bald Man’s Comb

I can see the bald man’s comb being the perfect gift to give the right person!  A curved comb made just for that special person!

White Elephant ideas for everyone

Wine Glass Topper

clever white elephant ideas

Mistletoe Headband

Tis’ the season. Someone can seal the deal with this not so subtle mistletoe headband. It is sure to create a stir being passed around a party.

White Elephant Gift party Ideas

Cold Hard Cash

This is another DIY white elephant gift idea. It is easy to do if you allow a bit of time!  Freeze some money in a chunk of ice for a play on words – just make sure it is in a ziplock bag. I’m pretty sure this gift would be a hit.


Slide to Unlock Window Decal

This slide to unlock window decal is fun to stick on someone’s car. It makes a clever gift, especially for the tech-savvy.

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Hush Coffee Lover Mug

This mug gives the appropriate warning for the coffee addicted.

Dust Mop Slippers

Help them accomplish two things at once with these dust mop slippers, keep their feet warm while cleaning the floors. Watch out dust bunnies.

White Elephant Gifts

white elephant gift ideas 2018

Wine Glass Shower Holder. This is just too funny and maybe a little fun.

white elephant wine holder

Toilet Golf

For the avid golfer, because who wouldn’t want to play golf on the toilet. Perfect gag gift.

toilet golf
The very embarrassing book of Dad jokes. Every Dad needs a copy of this! Check out this for a few more funny Dad Jokes.
white elephant
Love these white elephant gift ideas? Now it’s time to learn how to play this fun exchange party game. It’s similar to a Secret Santa gift exchange, but there is a game with a funny twist that gets everyone involved.

How do you play the game White Elephant?

How do you play a white elephant gift exchange? If you are the one hosting a white elephant gift exchange party, here are some important and easy tips to help make it successful!

1. Set up simple rules. Are gifts meant to be used or new?  Funny gifts?  A little of both?  Do you need to set a price limit?  Be clear with what is expected with gifts. Not everyone knows, so it’s helpful to provide a few basic white elephant ideas up front.

2. Let everyone know to wrap and keep their gifts secret. Everyone brings a wrapped present that has no tag. Gifts can be labeled for gender if needed.

3. Play the Game! Details on how to exchange gifts are below, so just read on.

How to exchange the gifts…

Write out numbers on paper first. Make numbers for however many people are participating in the gift exchange. For example, if there are 15 people participating, write out the numbers 1 through 15 on small pieces of paper, fold them once or twice, and throw them into a small bowl or bag.

Next, have everyone draw a number. The number will signify the order in which they choose a gift.

Begin with the person who draws #1. The first person selects a gift in the gift box and opens it. The turn ends. The next person can choose to steal the previously opened gift or choose an opened gift from the pile.

A person who has his/her gift stolen from them gets to either steal a gift from someone else or choose a replacement gift from the pile. You cannot immediately steal back a gift that was stolen from you.  You must wait for at least one round before stealing back a gift that was once in your possession. A gift can only be stolen once in a turn.

You can decide the number of times a particular gift can be stolen – most white elephant game rules say a gift can be stolen three times.

Repeat choosing gifts in order number. The person with the next highest number again either chooses from remaining wrapped gifts, or can steal an unwrapped gift from someone else that has not been stolen that round.

There are so many variations on how to play, and the rules are really up to you. But in general, the game continues until gifts are stolen three times (or whatever limit you set), or someone declines to swap gifts and keep the one they’ve got.

What is the difference between a White Elephant and Yankee Swap?

There is a little difference between a Yankee Swap and a White Elephant Swap. Typically the gifts one brings to a Yankee Swap should be more “useful” than those that you might bring to a White Elephant swap.

So what is the best white elephant gift? The best white elephant gift idea is one you come up with yourself, in my opinion, especially when it has special meaning for those with whom you are playing the game. Gag gifts for this exchange are supposed to be deliberately impractical, which is all part of the fun.

What is the difference between a White Elephant and Secret Santa?

A Secret Santa knows who they’ll be shopping for. The exchange is supposed to stay secret until after the gift is given. White Elephant exchanges tend to involve funny gifts. A gag type of gift.  Your gift is not meant for a specific person.

Why do we call it a White Elephant?

The term white elephant refers to an extravagant but burdensome gift that cannot be easily disposed of, based on the legend of the King of Siam. He gave rare albino elephants considered sacred, to whom he disliked, knowing that taking care of the animal would exhaust the person’s fortune.

Can White Elephant gifts be used?

Some people think a White Elephant gift should be something you have just laying around the house. The purpose of a White Elephant gift exchange is to have fun. So before giving something used think if it is truly funny. It might be better to re-gift a new item or use one of the clever gift ideas above.

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