Does the Elf on the Shelf visit your home? Printable Elf notes make it so easy to celebrate the entire month with very little hassle. Print one time, gather a few items you already probably have around the house and you are ready to go for the entire month! If you want to participate in this holiday tradition without a huge headache read on!

Elf on the shelf sitting with printable post it notes in red and green. -Skip To My Lou
Plan the entire month for your Elf on the Shelf

Scout elf and his friends spread so much joy every Christmas with families everywhere. They keep an eye on children reporting back to Santa when they are naughty or nice.  

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As elf’s helpers, we all look for ways for Elf to encourage kids to be good. This is why these elf-on-the-shelf printable notes are so great they do the work for you. They are such fun notes to leave with elf on the shelf and will have your kids smiling.

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Elf On the shelf Post-it Notes Supplies

How to for your Elf On The Shelf Notes

  • Print out the Post-it Sticky Notes template.
  • Place a Post-it Note on each square of the Elf on the shelf notes template.
Red and green post it notes on template for the printable Elf on the Shelf notes. -Skip To My Lou
  • Download the Elf Post-it Sticky Notes printable.
  • Place the templates with the Post-it Sticky Notes in your printer. Be sure to check if they need to be placed face up or face down in your printer for printing.
  • Hit print.
Printed post it notes on stuck on template. Text:  You Are Special!, Please Help Me Fold The Laundry. -Skip To My Lou

Cute Ideas for your Elf on the shelf printable notes

Each day you will have a clever little note to stick to the Elf. The best part is the ideas are so easy to execute!

Elf on the shelf holding  a green post it note, "You are doing great! Let's have a treat to celebrate!" -Skip To My Lou

Grab some cookie dough at the grocery store to bake up some fun.

Elf on the shelf holding a tube of sugar cookie dough with a green post it note, "Let's bake cookies!" -Skip To My Lou

Hide five candy canes and play a little game. These ideas are so easy fun can be had in minutes!

Elf on shelf holding candy cane and a red post it note that says "I hid 5 candy canes can you find them?" -Skip To My Lou

You can even use the printable Elf notes to get some help with chores.

Elf on the shelf sitting on laundry holding a green post it note "Please help me fold the laundry" -Skip To My Lou

Elf can even leave a reminder to write a letter to Santa. Download the printable letter to Santa stationery.

Elf with letter to Santa and red post it note asking, "Have written a letter to Santa? Please use my special stationary." -Skip To My Lou

Read Through the whole list of Printable Elf Notes

Here is all the printable Elf on the Shelf Notes. You will find everything from an Elf on the Shelf arrival letter to simple daily activities.

Simply use what works for your family!

  • I’M BACK from the North Pole to spend the holiday season with YOU! And report to Santa all that you do.
  • You are doing great! Let’s have a treat together to celebrate!
  • Can you help spread holiday cheer and do something nice for somebody near?
  • I hid 5 candy canes can you find them?
  • Let’s bake cookies!
  • Let’s watch a holiday movie! – the movie Elf Story would be great!
  • SMILE! “I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.” – Buddy the Elf
  • Pick a few canned goods to give to a local food pantry or Blessing Box.
  • Do you have toys you don’t play with? Let’s donate them.
  • Please help make dinner.
  • Use my phone to send a text to someone to brighten their day.
  • You were caught being nice! – this one the scout elves are doing their job!
  • You are special!
  • Be Nice. Tell someone you appreciate them.
  • Please help me do the dishes.
  • Please help me fold the laundry
  • Bring a treat to share at lunch.
  • Be thankful! Write down 3 things you are thankful for
  • I saw that!
  • Have you written a letter to Santa? Please use my special stationery. Did you know your child can receive a personalized letter from Santa?
  • OOPS! Did you forget to clean up your bedroom?
  • Christmas is so near only ____ days until it is here!
  • Read me your favorite book.
  • A little treat because your behavior can’t be beat!
  • Draw me a picture.
  • Visit someone who is lonely.
  • Help your teacher
  • Tell someone why you love them.

Also, Goodbye Until Next Year Elf on the Shelf note Ideas

Don’t forget the goodbye letters to encourage a year full of good behavior.

  • Goodbye for now, but don’t you fear! I will be back again next year.
  • I am so proud of your good behavior. Be sure to keep it up until I see you again later.
  • Don’t forget I report back to Santa so be good while I am away.
Elf  on the shelf with the printable post it notes in red and green. -Skip To My Lou
So many Elf on the Shelf Notes to choose from!

Looking for More Fun and Easy Elf Ideas?

So many fun ways to do this Christmas tradition, did you enjoy the free printable elf-on-a-shelf notes? Do you have any cute notes to add to the list?

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