Crap you forgot to move the elf! These last minute ideas for your elf on the shelf are truly so easy! No preparation needed, you probably have most of these items lying around the house! So don’t panic and get ready to wow your little ones with some elf antics!

Just getting started with this Christmas tradition? This elf on the shelf post explains how to get started with an elf. Kids love finding the elf. If you want to plan ahead these elf on the shelf notes are really fun! I also love these Elf on the Shelf kindness notes, which encourages kids to be kind.

Let’s get to the easy elf ideas…

Easy elf on the shelf ideas

  • Make snow angels in sprinkles or powdered sugar.
  • Make a train with your shoes and stick the elf in one of them!
  • Elf on the Shelf jokes! This is a quick one. All you need is a printer to pull this one off! Bonus kids will love laughing at this clever jokes. Keep the cards handy to use one whenever you need something quick and simple.
elf on the shelf holding elf joke card
  • Game playing elf. Set your elf up playing a game. Jenga works really well for this one!
  • Elf playing in Mom’s make up!
  • Sledding Elf! Your banister is perfect for this one. Just use a Tupperware lid or a frisbee for your sled! Idea from Crazy Lou Creations
elf sledding on banister
  • Hang your elf from a ceiling fan or chandelier.
  • Tape your elf to the wall and set up some toys who look to have captured him.
  • Elf worshiping Jesus! If you have a Nativity in your home, have your Elf join the Nativity scene! Idea from Ten Cow Chick.
worshipping elf
  • Toilet paper the Christmas tree! Unroll toilet paper all over the tree. Set your elf up in the middle of the mess.
  • Set up a tea party with some cups and some barbies!
  • Message in the mirror elf. Grab some lipstick or a dry erase marker and have your elf leave a friendly message on the bathroom mirror!
mirror message elf

Simple elf ideas

I will admit to needing a few lazy easy elf on the shelf ideas! These will not disapoint.

  • Grab a Christmas themed coloring page and set your elf up with some crayons! Bonus kids can color the pages later.
  • Stick him in the peanut butter or nutella jar and wipe a little on his face (a ziplock bag can keep his body clean);.
  • Snowflake elf idea. Grab some scissors and make a quick elf idea! It is super easy to make a paper snowflake! You can even use wrapping paper.
snowflake elf idea
  • Hang some underwear on the tree! Your funny elf will surely get your kids laughing with this on.
  • Hiding elf. Find a place kids are sure to look and have their elf waiting to surprise them. You can use this ideas more than once. ie: the fridge, silverware drawer, sock drawer, cupboard, you get the idea.
  • Scribbling on family photos. This Elf thinks he is pretty funny! Mark up the family portraits with the dry erase marker.  
scribbling elf
  • Add a straw to your pancake syrup and let your elf indulge!
  • Elf in the candy bag! Find a candy bag and let your elf sneak the treats! Got Goldfish crackers? This is another easy snack to steal!
elf popcorn mess

Quick elf on the shelf Ideas

  • Place out six paper cups (or more if you have more kids and need to hide more treats) and hide a treat under a cup with a sign that says, “find the hidden treat”.
  • Put the elf in the fridge and add some food coloring in the milk!
  • Grab a string and a candy cane and create an elf sized zip-line!
Elf zipline
  • Elf on the Shelf feeding the family pet! Find a clever way to have your elf set up with the pets food.
  • Place the elf on an actual shelf! Next to the pictures! Perfect play this holiday season!
  • Elf bubble bath! Fill up a container with some marshmallows for the perfect bubble bath!
Elf Bubblebath

Did you wake up and the kids discovered that you forgot to move the elf? You need this Why the Elf on the Shelf Forgot to move letter and excuses from Your Modern Family.

A scout elf can deliver a letter to Santa for your kids! This letter to Santa printable makes this really easy!

For more Elf on the Shelf Ideas visit:

Hope this helps make your Elf on the shelf ideas easy! Let me know in the comments!

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