Are you ready for summer fun? Here are 100 summer activities for kids. Use this list as a prompt so you never need to wonder what to do.  Kids will be inspired to turn of the tv and tablets and head outdoors for fun.  summer activities for kids

100 Summer Activities For Kids

  • go bowling
  • go to a movie
  • have a picnic
  • watch a sunset
  • fly a kite
  • camp in the backyard
  • stargaze
  • play tag with friends
  • run through sprinklers
  • feed ducks
  • make homemade popsicles
  • grow a garden
  • have a lemonade stand
  • go swimming
  • go on a hike
  • paint pet rocks
  • go on a bike ride
  • watch fireworks
  • go to the park
  • play frisbee
  • go to an historical site
  • have a water balloon fight.
  • go mini golfing
  • get ice cream from an ice cream truck
  • make a sidewalk chalk mural
  • bake something yummy
  • Catch fireflies
  • play in the rain
  • collect seashells
  • make Tye-Dye shirts
  • make ice cream in a bag
  • blow bubbles
  • build a sand castle
  • eat watermelon
  • roast marshmallows and make s’mores
  • go on a nature walk
  • wish on a star
  • have a dance party
  • watch a movie in the backyard
  • play a game
  • have a sleepover
  • join local Library summer reading program
  • visit a museum
  • go berry picking
  • learn to juggle
  • learn to cook something
  • ride in a boat
  • do cartwheels
  • make slime
  • do a craft
  • eat a snow cone
  • do a random act of kindness
  • bake cookies for a neighbor
  • go fishing
  • draw a picture
  • color
  • make origami
  • learn a magic trick
  • go to a parade
  • leave notes for strangers
  • make paper airplanes
  • learn to sew
  • go to a festival/fair
  • visit relatives
  • catch bugs
  • blend up a fruit smoothie
  • sleep in late
  • sleep in late
  • have a family game night
  • read a book
  • climb a tree
  • learn a string game with your hands
  • write a story
  • go to a farmer’s market
  • make a scrapbook of family photos
  • volunteer a local rescue mission or pet shelter
  • play an instrument
  • create salad spinner art by placing a circle of paper inside a cheap salad spinner, dab paints on top, cover and spin!
  • make shadow puppets with your hands
  • plant an herb garden
  • make homemade jam
  • play hopscotch
  • visit an amusement park or water park
  • go roller skating
  • visit a zoo or aquarium
  • learn to crochet or knit
  • Visit a retirement home and read stories to residents
  • ride go carts
  • visit a National Park
  • go to a ballgame
  • visit a lake
  • go roller skating
  • do karaoke
  • help a neighbor with a chore
  • make a family cookbook
  • research your genealogy and make a family tree
  • create a lei with wildflowers
  • try a new restaurant
  • start a business (dog walking, cupcake baker etc)
  • send a letter in the mail to a friend
  • have a photo scavenger hunt

Print out this page for hours of summer fun. Just check them off as you go! You will be making memories and won’t hear  “I’m bored” for the rest of the summer. So many ways to get outside, play, connect and learn something new!

Fun Activities For Kids Download

100 ideas for summer fun download

Like to color…. this one will help you check color off  the list.

Fun Activities For Kids List – Coloring Page

fun activities for kids coloring page

If you want to pick out the most important activities to you and make sure you don’t forget, print out this Summer Bucket List.

summer bucket list

Fun Things To Do With Kids

There is more! Click below for over 50 summer crafts and activities tutorials.  This list of activities comes with all the instructions, recipes and tutorials for summer fun! Bored no more!

summer crafts and activities

Turn your backyard into an amazing entertainment zone with these cool play space ideas.

Be sure to Check out these summer hacks!

Do you have any fun summer activities for kids to add to the list?

Need some help managing screen time this summer? This printable screen time rules is very helpfiul.

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  1. Only one day of school left, I found this list just in time! Can’t wait to show it to my daughter. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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