When it comes to paper crafts, origami is so much fun, and for the whole family too. Today, we take things under the sea with our easy origami paper fish folding tutorial.

​This origami model is not too difficult to start and our step-by-step tutorial, which includes video instruction results in an easy origami fish just from a square piece of paper. 

A blue, pink and green completed origami fish on a white background from Skip to my Lou.
You can learn to make these cute origami fish!

Why Making an Origami Fish is a Great Activity for Kids

Using origami skills to make a simple paper fish, or any other animal or sea creatures for that matter, a creative idea can be turned into hours of fun for both young and old alike. 

Not only will a fish model made from folded paper teach your child excellent problem-solving skills, but it will also help them be patient, and build their concentration too. Remember, their first origami fish might not turn out exactly as planned, especially if your child is fairly young, but with persistence, their origami model will be perfect. 

Supplies Needed for This Origami Fish Tutorial

You will need the following supplies:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A sheet of square paper
  • A pen
  • Paper glue (optional)

Video: How To Fold A Colorful Origami Fish Step-by-Step

How to Fold an Origami Fish

You don’t need to go and buy special paper for this, a regular piece is fine, but try for one with color, as white paper is just a little boring for our funky origami fish. Remember to watch the video as it shows all the folds in real-time, and can be a massive help if you are stuck.

A square piece of green paper about to get folded to start the origami fish.
Start with a square piece of paper, any color will do.
The square green paper is folded in half.
The first few folds are super easy.

Step 1: Fold the paper in half from the bottom edge to the top point, flip it 90 degrees to either the left-hand or right-hand side, and fold it in half again as shown in the image above.

The square green paper is folded in triangle shape.
Now fold a triangle.
The paper in the triangle shape is flattened down.
Flatten the paper down.

Step 2: Now flip the paper 45 degrees and fold the bottom flap up towards the top so that it forms a triangle. Flip it 45 degrees again and do the same. The paper will now have creases through it at 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and at both 45-degree angles that separate it into eight sections. If you are unsure, watch the video that shows it clearly.

The square green paper is folded to form the body of the fish.
It gets a little trickier now, but if you are not sure, watch the video.
The origami fish is taking shape
You want to form a pocket like this, as it will help shape the body of the origami fish.

Step 3: This is a little tricky as you need to fold the bottom right edges of the sides of the paper as shown in the images above. Watching the video shows this clearly.

The origami fish is taking shape with some more folds made.
Now fold here.
The body of the origami fish is a diamond shape.
Fold into a square diamond shape.
The diamond shape is flattened down.
Now we start folding the fish fins.

Step 4: Now take the top left section, including the left flap, and fold downward but don’t press down. Take the top-right side and fold that down toward the left side. The top left section tucks in under the top right section to form a diamond shape. This process is clearly shown in the video.

The top section of the paper on the right is folded inside to the center line.
Make a fold like this, and you will do so on both sides.

Step 5: Fold the top piece of paper on the right-hand side, as shown in the image above. Now mirror that on the left-hand side.

This is done on the other side too, so a kit shape forms.
You want to end with this kite shape once you have carried out the folds.

Step 6: Flip the paper over 180 degrees and fold the other two sides in exactly the same manner, so you have a kite. If you are unsure, the video shows the folds you need to make very clearly.

The paper is opened up and the fins are folded on the right hand side.
Open out the paper and start to fold the fins.
The paper is opened up and the fins are folded on the left hand side.
Now fold the left-hand fin.
Once the fins are folded, you can clearly see the shape of the origami fish.
You can clearly see the shape of the origami fish now

Step 7: Open up the kite shape slightly and fold on the left and right side as shown in the images above. Once done, push flat, and your fish should have fins as shown in the last image.

A seperate piece of triangular paper is used for the origami fish tail.
Take a separate piece of paper for the tail.
The origami fish tail is folded in half.

Step 8: Time to make the fish tail! Simple take a smaller piece of paper in the shape of a triangle and fold it as shown in the images above.

The origami fish tail is cut with a curvature to shape it properly.
… and cut.
The origami fish tail is placed on body.

Step 9: Cut it with a slight curve and glue it onto the body of the fish.

The face of the origami fish is drawn in.
Funky up your origami fish by decorating it.

Step 10: It’s time to funky up your fish and decorate it! It will need an eye and a mouth, of course, but you can draw on colorful scales for example.

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