Today, we will learn how to make a cute origami cat in just a few simple steps! 

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process and have you create your own paper cat with just a few folds on a piece of paper. 

Not only will our instructions guide you using pictures, but this origami cat tutorial also includes a video. Plus, it’s super easy for kids to follow.

Yellow origami cat on grey background from Skip to My Lou.
Want to learn how to make an origami cat?

Why Making an Origami Cat is a Good Idea

The art of origami is big in Japanese culture, and it is easy to see why. Not only is making a paper cat, a paper bird, or even a paper fox lots of fun for both young and old, but it is also an excellent way to build patience and concentration, while it also teaches problem-solving. 

These are excellent traits to instill in your children from a young age, but of course, they are more than useful for impatient adults too. Plus, origami is just so much fun as you watch a folded piece of paper come alive. 


You will need the following supplies:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A sheet of square paper
  • A pen
  • Paper glue (optional)

Video: How To Fold An Origami Cat

Folding the Origami Cat’s head

We start with the origami cat face first. Here’s how you will need to start folding the paper. Remember, you can also watch the video above to see exactly how to do it in real-time.

A yellow piece of paper ready to be folded for the origami cat's head.
You’ll need a square piece of paper like this to start.
The paper is folded in half, flipped 90 degrees and folded in half again.
Making an origami cat is easy!

Step 1: Fold the paper in half, flip it 90 degrees to either the left-hand or right-hand side, and fold it in half again as shown in the image above.

The paper is turned to form a diamond shape and fold the top corner is folded into the middle
Just follow each step exactly.

Step 2: Turn the paper so it makes a diamond shape and fold the top corner into the middle, as shown in the image above.

The origami cat's head starts to take shape.
If you aren’t sure, consult the video, which may help
The paper is flipped over and the bottom point is folded  and then flipped back over.
Remember to make each fold as instructed.

Step 3: Flip the paper over and fold the bottom point as shown in the pictures above and then flip the paper back over.

The paper folded in half from the top point.
It is super easy if you follow each step in turn.

Step 4: Now fold the paper in half from the top point, as shown in the image above.

The ears of the origami cat are the next folds to make.
You can almost see the cat’s head starting to form.
Flaps are folded downwards as the first part of making the origami cat's ears.
We’ve completed the face!

Step 5: Now take the top right corner on the right side and fold it down to the bottom point to form a flap. Do the same with the left side to form the square made from two triangles, as shown in the images above.

The points of the flaps are then folded back up to form the origami cat's ears.
And now for the ears.
Both sides must be folded so that the origami cat's two ears are equal in size.
Super cute, right?

Step 6: Crease the bottom points on the left and right side upwards, as shown in the images above, to form the cat’s ears.

Flip the paper over and fold the bottom section a quarter of the way up. This will be where you draw the origami cat's mouth.
That’s it for the cat’s head; now onto the body.

Step 7: Flip over as shown in the image above, with the bottom section forming the cat’s chin. The origami cat face now only needs some decorations, but we will get to that later.

Folding the Origami Cat’s Body

A bigger square piece of paper is needed for the origami cat's body.
Again, start with a square piece of paper, but slightly bigger this time.
The paper is folded at a 45-degree diagonal.
The beginning steps are easy!

Step 1: Fold the sheet of paper in a 45-degree diagonal from the top right corner to the left bottom corner, as shown in the images above.

Now it is folded in half on either side.
Remember to fold it exactly as shown in each image.
The shape is that of a kite once both sides are done.
That looks like a kite, right? Maybe this cat can fly!

Step 2: Fold both the top right and top left parts of the paper inward, as shown in the images above.

The paper is now folded exactly in half.
It gets a bit trickier from this point.
It must be flat in all areas, so it is pressed down to ensure this.
Remember to take your time. There is no rush when folding origami. Patience is the key.

Step 3: Fold in the middle along the center line to end with the shape as shown in the images above.

The body of the origami cat is taking shape.
Almost there with the body.
The first section of the origami cat's tail is folded by taking the bottom corner and folding it along the straight line of the paper towards the top left.
It’s time to start folding the tail.

Step 4: Flip the paper 180 degrees and fold the bottom corner upwards and to the left.

It is now folded back on itself but towards the right at a 90 degree angle.
This can be tricky, so watch the video on this section.
Again, the paper must be flattened into place to form a crease.
The video shows clearly how each fold needs to be made.

Step 5: Now fold it back down, making a crease as shown in the images above. If you are having trouble with this part, the video shows it very clearly.

Opening the tail back up.
The tail is nearing completion.
Making a hole inbetween the two pieces of paper.
Once the tail is complete, you can start to put it all together.

Step 6: Open up the paper, as in the images above. If you are having trouble with this part, the video shows it very clearly.

Folding the tail section over again.
Some tricky folds here.
Flattening the fold of the origami cat tail section.
Another fold that’s the video will help you perfect.

Step 7: Now fold the paper down and towards the left, as shown in the images above.

Opening it all out once again.
There are several folds to make here.
Pushing the fold in on itself to finish off the origami cat tail.
Once you’ve made these folds, you’ll see how it all fits in.

Step 8: Start to form the cat’s tail by folding as shown in the images above. Check the video if you aren’t exactly sure where to fold.

Folding the origami cat tail upwards.
Securing the fold to keep the origami cat tail in place.
And now your cat has a tail!
Attaching the head of the origami cat to the body.
Attach the head with some glue to make sure it is secure, or you can just tuck the body into it.

Step 9: Finish folding the tail and glue on the head as shown in the images above.

Time to Add Some Catitude!

You aren’t done yet!

It’s time to give your cat some personality and some catitude!

For the best origami cat ever, you’ll need to draw on a face, whiskers, and a mouth, of course. Or you could even add googly eyes!

The finished product - a perfect origami cat.
Add some catitude and decorate your origami cat.

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