Looking for a super fun way to get older children and younger children up, active, and away from their screens? If the answer is yes, check out this Christmas Scavenger Hunt and get ready to start hiding some holiday treats for them to find!

printable Christmas Scavenger hunt
Christmas Scavenger Hunt

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Making the Christmas season fun for kids is a snap with this crazy scavenger hunt. It is designed to be played indoors so regardless of what is going on outside, the hunt will not be postponed.

This super fun and creative game will take some preparation on your end, but I have done the organizational scavenger hunt work for you! Carry on!

free printable Christmas scavenger hunt
Begin your scavenger hunt with this prompt.

Here’s What you Need to Prepare for the Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

  • download my free printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt pdf below
  • get cardstock on which to print Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues
  • make copies of the Clues so the “Hunters” will know where to hunt
  • make little treats or purchase little prizes to hide at each location
  • provide a bag or sack to hold the goodies they find

You can decide which card will be your first clue and then the order of the next clues.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards

Do you have older children and need to turn it up a notch? Let kids figure out the last rhyming word of each line to learn the clues.

Fill in the Blank Cards for a FUN Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  • Very Important Pro Tip: make yourself a master copy of your Christmas treasure hunt clues and what you hid, so you can help the participants if they get stuck!

Ready to Play Christmas Scavenger Hunt?

  • Will you let the kiddos play in teams or individually?
  • If they play in teams, help them assign roles: Clue Reader, Treasure Bag Holder, Treasure Grabber, etc.
  • Let the teams or individuals know how many things they can take at each location.
  • Will you give them a time limit? You’re the boss, so you get to decide!

Before you Head Out

Thank you for stopping by to check out my Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game today! I can’t wait to hear how much fun you all had, so please leave me a comment below. And, in case you need more games, I’ve dropped a few of those, too!

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