Learn how to draw a panda in easy steps with our step-by-step instructions. This post will guide you through the process of creating your very own panda bear, from sketching the basic shapes to adding details for a realistic panda. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your drawing skills, this tutorial will help you create an adorable bear you’ll be proud to show off.

Skip to my Lou - How to Draw a Panda - The finished panda drawing
Create this incredible panda drawing!

Drawing a panda is a great way to practice your artistic skills and create a fun and adorable piece of art. This tutorial breaks down the process into easy-to-follow steps, making it easy for artists of all levels. By the end of the post, you’ll have a cute panda drawing that you can use for personal projects or share with your friends and family.

Come join Skip to My Lou and enter a world of enjoyable and engaging family activities! Our step-by-step tutorials for drawing, coloring, and crafting are ideal for families to enjoy together and create memorable experiences.

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Easy Panda Drawing

This panda drawing tutorial can be done anywhere, from the comfort of your own home to a quiet park or coffee shop. All you need is a pencil and paper to get started, and you can follow along with the step-by-step instructions at your own pace. So grab your supplies and get ready to create your own perfect panda!

Essential Drawing Supplies for Drawing a Panda

Fetch these supplies before you start your panda drawing:

How to Draw a Panda Step-by-Step

Step 1

To begin, let’s draw some guidelines to help us with our panda drawing.

Firstly, draw a large circle in the center of the page.

Secondly, draw a small circle inside to the top-right of the larger circle.

Panda drawing - Step 1 - Guide circles
Start with some guide circles

Step 2

We’ll draw another line that’ll help with the features of our panda drawing. 

Draw a line that bisects the center of the smaller circle, towards the center of the large circle.

Panda drawing - Step 2 - Guide line and nose
More guidelines to help you create a better panda drawing

Step 3

Now let’s add some facial features to the drawing of a panda.

Firstly, mark the center of the smaller circle with a short line. After that, add two eyes on both sides. Then, add a tiny circle inside both eyes to form pupils.

Secondly, towards the bottom of the circle, add a small nose with an oval shape. Underneath, use curved lines for the panda’s mouth. Use the reference drawing underneath to help you. 

Panda drawing - Step 3 - Face features
Eyes, nose, and mouth!

Step 4

Let’s make our panda drawing’s face look more realistic. 

Firstly, make the face more of an oval shape, as seen in the image below. 

Secondly, draw the panda’s ears on the top of the head using upside-down semi-circles.

Finally, draw a curved line around each eye for those distinctive panda eyes.

Panda drawing - Step 4 - A realistic head
Now we have a realistic panda face!

Step 5

Next we’ll draw the rest of the panda’s body.

Use long, rounded lines to copy the reference drawing below, to make the front legs and hind legs. 

Panda drawing - Step 5 - The body
Use curved line to create the body and legs

Step 6

The final step is to use an eraser to rub out the guidelines. 

To finish, it’s a good idea to use a marker to trace your panda drawing so it stands out. 

Panda drawing - Step 6 - Thick outline
A thick outline really adds that finishing touch!

Your Finished Panda Drawing

As a finishing touch, fill in some areas with black to create the animal’s unique coloring pattern, with its black and white markings.

Skip to my Lou - How to Draw a Panda - The finished panda drawing
Your finished panda drawing, with its black & white markings.

Pandas have black fur around their eyes, on their legs, and across their shoulders, which creates a recognizable pattern. By adding this detail to your drawing, you’ll bring your panda to life.

Next time, why don’t you try drawing a different type of panda? You could draw the red panda, a baby panda, or even the giant panda!

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