Airplane drawing takes 15 minutes or less to complete and will teach you how to draw a plane in an easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial.

So, if you like my plane drawing, check out these things to draw for kids of all ages here on Skip to my Lou! I love to draw and am so happy you stopped by today!

add final detail including door for airplane drawing
How to Draw an Airplane

Airplane drawIng Supplies

Here is your pre-flight check list. Gather these items, buckle up and prepare for take-off.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • pens, colored pencils or markers

How to Draw an Airplane Easy!

Thank you for flying Skip to My Lou Airlines today. The following instructions and illustrated images will teach you how to draw your first jet from start to finish. So, all you need to do is follow the easy steps and have lots of fun!

Easy Airplane Drawing Video

  1. In step one you will draw the nose, top of the fuselage and the vertical stabilizer. Start on the left side of the paper and draw a small, curved line for the nose, then continue the line until angling sharply up and back down for the vertical stabilizer. first step drawing top of airplane
  2. In step two you will begin drawing the bottom of the fuselage and one horizontal stabilizer at the rear of the aircraft. Starting on the left side of the paper, draw a slightly curved line to create the bottom of the fuselage. Then move to the rear of the aircraft and finish drawing the top of the fuselage under the vertical stabilizer, round the corner, and draw a horizontal stabilizer as shown.add tail fin to airplane drawing
  3. In step 3 you will finish drawing the fuselage and draw the wings. Starting where you left off at the bottom of the fuselage, extend a straight line out at an angle, turn the corner and draw a straight line back to the aircraft. Notice how the wing is wider at the fuselage and narrower at the end. Find the point across from the wing you just drew and draw the opposite wing. The second wing should be smaller to show perspective. After wings are completed, finish drawing the bottom of the fuselage as shown.add wings to airplane drawing
  4. In step four, draw the cockpit windshield and 9 small windows. To draw the cockpit window draw a curved line out, up and back in to the front of the aircraft, like a sideways, curvy U. Finally draw 9 circular windows descending in size along the side of the aircraft.add windshield and window to airplane drawing easy
  5. In this step, draw the 3 visible turbine engines mounted on the wings. Represent the engines by dropping oval shapes off the wings and then adding details inside and adding connecting lines on the bottoms.add engines to bottom of wing for the easy airplane drawing
  6. In the last step, add the final details like a door, wing and stabilizer details. Firstly, sketch a rounded rectangular door with a round knob between the cockpit windshield and passenger windows. Similarly, add a detail line near the edge of the left wing. Likewise, add a detail line on the vertical stabilizer. Finally, you have drawn your very own airplane!add final detail including door for airplane drawing

my favorite drawing supplies

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Now that you have learned to draw this cartoon airplane, why not try one of the tutorials? In conclusion, these are easy and fun to do.

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  1. Thank you. Invited to play a game with drawing and then pass the picture down to the next for them to describe I, and around the table. I couldn’t draw an airplane that looked better than a kindergarten fish! Thank yiu

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