Did you ever watch the Newlywed Game show on TV? I thought it was so funny!  We recently had a trivia night with a large group of people and we ended the night playing the Newlywed Game.   We definitely learned a lot about each couple, and we had a ton of laughs!  This would be a fun game to play at a family reunion, a bridal shower,  a small group, or even at a wedding reception–more on that later!

newlywed game

How to play the Newlywed Game

We chose four couples to play, and we put some thought into our contestants.  We chose a couple who had grandkids, a couple with teenagers, a couple with small kids, and a couple that had only been married about one year and didn’t have any children.  We brought the contestants up to the front of the room and angled their chairs so each couple was back to back (so they couldn’t see their spouse writing answers!)  We did three rounds with five questions each round.  Each round starts with an easy question for 100 points and the questions get harder 200, 300, 400, and 500 points for a hard question!

Each person will need a chair, a small whiteboard, a dry erase marker, and a small cloth for erasing.  The couples all answer each question at the same time, but alternate between asking all of the husbands a question and then all of the wives.  Ask couple one to reveal their answers at the same time, and then go down the line to the rest of the couples.  We took turns letting each couple have a chance to be the first one to answer, just to mix it up a little.

For example:  “For 100 points: Husbands, if your wife could get rid of one of your possessions, what would she want to get rid of?”  Both the husband and wife answer the question, and when you call on them, they will both show their answer at the same time. So much excitement when the answers matched, and laughing will erupt when the answers don’t match!

Newlywed Game Questions

Here is a list of questions to get you started.

For the Husbands:

  • How many pairs of shoes does your wife have in her closet?
  • What is your wife’s shoe size?
  • If your wife could pick a dream job, what would it be?
  • What would your wife say is your most irritating habit?
  • What food was served at your wedding reception?
  • Who would your wife say she spends the most time talking on the phone to?
  • When your wife says, “They’re playing our song” what song is she hearing?
  • What would your wife say her favorite color is?
  • What would your wife say your best date was?
  • What will your wife say was the first gift you gave her?

For the Wives:

  • If your husband were to plan a second honeymoon for you, where would he take you?
  • What would your husband say is his favorite meal?
  • What is your husband’s favorite item of clothing in his closet?
  • If your husband could hang out with a famous person, who would he choose?
  • What would your husband say his favorite movie is?
  • What would your husband say is his least favorite thing about his mother in law?
  • If your husband could have his dream job, what would he say that would be?
  • If your home was on fire, after saving all family members and pets, what would your husband save next?
  • What would your husband say his favorite sandwich is?
  • What would your husband say his first car was?

General questions for both:

  • What was your first address together?
  • Where was your first date?
  • Who said “I Love you” first?
  • What is your favorite TV show to watch together?
  • Our marriage would be perfect if we could just agree on ____________?
  • Wedding Night Newlywed Game
  • What adjective best describes your spouse?
  • What is your spouse’s most irritating habit?
  • What is your spouse’s favorite movie?
  • Who is the name of your spouse’s best friend?
  • Who controls the tv remote?
  • What item would your spouse take if your house was on fire?
  • What is something your spouse wears you like?
  • If you won the lottery your spouse would buy _______.
  • What is your spouse’s favorite junk food?
  • Your spouse prefers to play what kind of game (cards, board games, trivia etc)________.
  • Your spouse’s favorite ice cream flavor is___________.
  • What was the weather on your wedding day?
  • When and where was your first kiss?
  • What is their pet name for you?
  • What would your spouse say is your worst habit?
  • What is their favorite holiday?
  • What is their favorite time of day?
  • What is your spouse’s favorite color?
  • What is their favorite candy bar?
  • What is their dream vacation?
  • What is their least favorite household chore?
  • What is your spouse’s shoe size?
  • What is your spouse’s favorite TV show?
  • What is your spouse’s biggest fear?
  • What is your spouse’s ideal date?

A great spin on the Newlywed game is to use actual newlyweds, and there is no one more “new” than a couple on their wedding night!  A bride and groom can create a fun atmosphere at their wedding reception or engagement party. I a great ice-breaker game to get everyone ready for a fun night of dancing.

Place the bride and groom back to back in two chairs in the center of the dance floor.  Have them take their shoes off and each of them will hold in their hands one of his shoes and one of her shoes.  The DJ will ask a list of whos most likely to questions in which the answer will either be “the bride” or “the groom”.  The couple will declare their answer by raising a shoe up in the air–the bride’s shoe or the groom’s shoe.

The list of newlywed questions is endless, but here are a few to get you started:

  • Who was the first to say I love you?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • Who tells the best jokes?
  • Who is better with money?
  • Who is more likely to be on time?
  • Who is more athletic?
  • Who has the better-looking friends?
  • Who has more common sense?
  • Who would be more likely to be an impulse buyer?
  • Who will dance to the most songs tonight?
  • Who will have the most drinks tonight?
  • Who is the better driver?
  • Who is more adventurous?
  • Who will plan the best vacations?
  • Who has the most money in their savings account?
  • Who loves their job the most?
  • Who is more likely to hang the pictures straight?
  • Who spends more time looking at their phone?
  • Who is most likely to be in a bad mood?
  • Who made the first move?

I hope these ideas and questions will help you plan a fun Newlywed game night!  As much as I loved watching the old Newlywed game on TV, I definitely enjoy it more in person.  It is so much fun getting a little insight into couples and their marriages, and we can all relate and laugh when the couples just can’t seem to be on the same page with their answers!  So much fun and so much laughter! If you like games you will love all these family games perfect for a game night. You might also like this Would You Rather Game.

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  1. SJW’s ruin everything. Doubt they are even married or if they are likely the marriage won’t last if everything offends them. Imagine being married to someone like that? Yikes!
    Great questions, thanks!

  2. lol – looks like the questions were written in the 1960s with those gender stereo types. *face palm*

  3. With so many questions to choose from, choose the ones that fit your guests and you know they will have fun answering. The questions are meant to be fun and not taken too seriously. There are plenty of other games that would have less sensational questions, however this just happens to be the type of questions asked on the Newlywed Game.

  4. Not only are a lot of these questions extremely sexist (the wife questions= about shoes and gifts from her husband/ the husband questions= all about him/what he thinks of his mother in law?????) a lot of them are just downright mean and I have no idea who’d be comfortable asking or answering them. Who has the hotter friends? Who has the most money in their bank account? This set of questions is clearly made for sexist douchebags who will probably promptly cheat on their wives.

  5. We’ve been wanting to start a dinner/game night with friends, this will be a perfect game to kick off some interesting convos! Love it

  6. I remember my patented watching this gameshow when I was young! Would make for an interesting adult game night. 😂 Great ideas!

  7. That game was played at a wedding reception I attended. Some of it was embarrassing but extremely funny for all.

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