Ted Lasso trivia will test your knowledge of the 2021 7 time Emmy winning, and 2022 4 time Golden Globe nominated Comedy Series. In fact, Jason Sudeikis just won the 2022 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy series!

There are so many genius moments in this Apple TV+ gem. Constant optimism is a refreshing point of view for main characters in tv shows today, especially those set in real life. If you are a fan of optimism and all things positive, you are at the right place here at Skip to My Lou!

ted lasso trivia questions

PIN Ted Lasso Trivia! Your next party won’t be complete without this Ted Lasso Trivia game!

Ted Lasso Trivia Questions

  1. Ted is short for?
  2. How many sons does Higgins have?
  3. Ted said he would never quit anything in his life. His wife told him he is not quitting her but _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ?
  4. Where did Ted Lasso get the biscuits from?
  5. What does Dani like to give away for free?
  6. AFC Richmond has not been able to defeat Everton for how many years?
  7. Rebecca’s god-daughter, Nora, has a crush on which player?
  8. When did Ted have his first panic attack?
  9. What country is Dani Rojas from?
  10. What is Higgins first name?
  11. Rebecca’s best mate from childhood has a nickname for her. What is it?
  12. What state is Ted from?
  13. Who is THAT guy?
  14. What happened to make Ted call Dr. Sharon and tell her about his dad?
  15. Ted and his wife’s therapist gave them a codeword to use. If either of them says “_______”, the other one has to tell the God’s honest truth.
  16. How old is Sam at his birthday party?
  17. Who is Coach Beard’s girlfriend?
  18. What instrument does Higgins play?
  19. Who plays Roy Kent, and what was he originally hired to do?
  20. What was Rebecca’s first concert?
  21. Ted Lasso says, “Be a _____.”
  22. What type of dog is on the AFC Crest?
  23. Ted puts a sign up in the dressing room. What does it say?
  24. How old was Ted when his father died?
  25. What does Ted get his son for Christmas?

Ted Lasso Trivia Answers

  1. Theodore
  2. 5
  3. You’re just letting me go.
  4. He bakes them himself.
  5. JOY!
  6. 60
  7. Sam
  8. at karaoke
  9. Mexico
  10. Leslie
  11. Stinky
  12. Kansas
  13. Led Tasso
  14. Roy hugging Jamie
  15. Oklahoma
  16. 20
  17. Jane
  18. Bass
  19. Brett Goldstein, Writer
  20. The Spice Girls
  21. Goldfish
  22. greyhound
  23. Believe
  24. 16
  25. a drone

how to play ted lasso trivia

  1. Print Ted Lasso Trivia Questions and answers or pull up on phone/ device.
  2. Choose announcers in case Arlo White and Chris Powell are not available.
  3. Divide players into teams- Let teams name themselves and have announcers introduce them. (Suggestions for Premier League teams: AFC Richmond, Crystal Palace, Man City, West Ham, Tottenham Hotspur, Leicester City)
  4. Give each team one set of questions and something to write with and make sure there are plenty of snacks and beverages to add to Mae’s pub atmosphere. Or go with Hannah Waddingham’s favorites: tea and biscuits!
  5. Let announcer read each question and give teams 1-3 minutes to write answer.
  6. Play Mumford and Sons Marcus Mumford’s Ted Lasso theme song or have the players sing “Jaime Tartt, doo doo do do do” to add atmosphere and fun.
  7. Announcers read answers to the questions and winning team buys the next round! By the way, just like football (soccer), a tie is acceptable!

We hope you like Ted Lasso triivia as much as we had fun putting it together! Juno Temple who plays Keeley Jones says it best, ” I’m sort of famous for being almost famous.” Your support and encouragement make us feel almost famous, so let us know what other content you would like to see here at Skip to My Lou in 2022!

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