Do you want to learn how to draw a hand? With this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll be able to create your own easy hand drawing using simple shapes and photo references.

A great way for beginner artists to get started with human anatomy – you’ll be able to draw hands in no time.

How to Draw a Hand - Skip to my Lou Tutorial - Drawing of a hand
Try this easy step-by-step hand-drawing guide!

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Easy hand drawing

Drawing hands has never been easier! Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to draw realistic hands using basic shapes, just like professional artists. With these helpful visual guides, you’ll be able to get started quickly on the structures of your own hand.

Before you know it, you’ll see improvements in your hand drawing skills – then you can move on to drawing different hand gestures.

Drawing supplies for drawing a hand

How to draw a hand step-by-step

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll soon be able to draw a human hand. The first steps are guided shapes in fine lines to help with the general structure of the hand. We’ll then add small details to make our hands look more like real life.

Step 1

Firstly, draw a large circle in the bottom center of the page. The best way is to use a compass.

How to Draw a Hand - Skip to my Lou Tutorial - Step 1 - A guide circle in the bottom center of the page.
A guide circle is in the bottom center of the page. Can you draw a perfect circle without a compass?

Step 2

Secondly, we’ll draw some guide lines to help draw the fingers. Starting at the top-right of the circle, draw a straight line towards the top of the page. From right to left, draw another line that curves slightly down. After that, draw a straight line downwards to connect to the circle.

How to Draw a Hand - Skip to my Lou Tutorial - Step 2 - Guide shape coming out of the top of the circle for the fingers.
Guide shape to make drawing the fingers super easy.

Step 3

Drawing fingers is tricky, so let’s draw some parallel lines as a guide. Use the reference image below to help you. You should pay close attention to the width of the base of the fingers. Moreover, be sure to put a space between each finger at the top.

How to Draw a Hand - Skip to my Lou Tutorial - Step 3 - Finger guide lines.
Some helpful lines to help us draw perfect fingers!

Step 4

Now we need a guide for the thumb. Extend the right-most finger line down to the side of the palm. After that, draw a line about 45° up from this to form the tip of the thumb. Then, continue to draw a rectangle as seen in the picture.

How to Draw a Hand - Skip to my Lou Tutorial - Step 4 - Thumb guide rectangle shape.
Now we’ve added a square thumb! Don’t worry, we’ll make it look more real soon…

Step 5

In the previous steps, we made guide shapes so that the final drawing process would be much easier.

Now we can draw the real fingers and thumb, just like in the visual guide below. Use smooth curves for the fingertips of the middle finger, ring finger, index finger, and pinky finger. Also, notice the different lengths of each finger.

How to Draw a Hand - Skip to my Lou Tutorial - Step 5 - Thumb and finger details.
Now we’ve added the thumb and finger detail, it’s looking much better.

Step 6

Now we’re going to add some more detail. Draw two horizontal lines on each finger for the finger bends. After that, Add two curved horizontal lines to the palm for the palm lines. Finally, add a curved line going up from the bottom of the hand to show the base of the thumb.

How to Draw a Hand - Skip to my Lou Tutorial - Step 6 - Add finger bends and palm lines.
Finger and palm lines to make your hand just like real life!

Step 7

To finish, use an eraser to remove the guide lines from the first four steps. Now you’ve got a nice drawing of a hand, you can trace the lines with a thick marker pen so your drawing stands out.

How to Draw a Hand - Skip to my Lou Tutorial - Step 7 - The final drawing of a hand
Say hello to this finished drawing of a hand!

The result

Finally, we have a finished line drawing. If you like, you can color it in to make a great realistic hand drawing!

Next time, why don’t you try drawing hands in different positions? Drawing different angles will surely improve your drawing of hands. You can even try different styles – like baby hands, cartoon hands, or even manga hands.

If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll soon see improvements in your hand-drawing skills. You can then try different hand poses, or even move on to different body parts.

More fun how to draw guides

Now you have your drawing of a hand, you might want to try another fun drawing activity.

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