Learn how to draw a bear with this realistic bear drawing tutorial. Drawing a realistic polar bear or grizzly bear will be made easy with this drawing guide

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how to draw a bear step by step tutorial
How to Draw a Bear Easy

Let me know what you want to learn how to draw but for today, get ready to have fun with this simple bear drawing made easy.

Supplies for Drawing a Bear

So, for drawing animals today, you will need the following supplies:

How to Draw a Bear Step By Step

  1. Start by locating the middle of your paper and draw the bear’s head on the left side of the paper in the middle. Draw a slanted 6 for the snout and in the circle of the 6 draw a mushroom shape for the nose. Add a shadow line under the mushroom and shade the nostril area. how to draw a bear snout
  2. Second, draw the eyes at the top of the snout using small football shapes. Notice how the eye on the left side is slightly smaller and tilted up and down compared to the eye on the right? Because the bear is facing at an angle it is helpful to use this technique for drawing animals in a realistic way. Complete the upper and lower jaw by curving down from the nose with a slanted wide J shape and another curving line under that for the lower jaw. how to draw a bear adding mouth and eyes
  3. The left side of the bear’s skull can be drawn by starting a little below the left eye and drawing upward in the shape of an old-fashioned telephone hand piece. Then draw a curved line in the middle of his forehead, skip some space and draw the right side of his face with a curved line ending at the same level as his eyes. Now draw the ears using upside down U shapes adding a curved hatch mark inside each ear to show the where the ear folds.how to draw a bear adding head and ears
  4. And in step four, learn how to draw a polar or grizzly bear’s front legs and front paws. Draw the left leg using a long U shape, but, since this bear is walking, draw his paw slightly flattened by angling out and using small curved strokes to show his 5 toes. Go back and add 5 triangle shaped claws to each toe. Draw the right leg using a wide V shape adding the five toe and claws at the bottom like you did on the left leg.how to draw a bear tutorial adding front legs
  5. From the top of his head on the left, draw an upward sloping line that curves back down like a roof. Then draw the back and back leg with a curving line going right and then down.how to draw a bear step by step adding the back
  6. Next add the lines for the leg, paw, abdomen and rib cage. Start by curving up from the front leg with a wide J shaped line and drawing a wide 7 shaped line down to form the back leg. Next add 5 toes and 5 claws.how to draw a bear adding the back leg
  7. Draw the other back leg using a U shaped line and add toes and claws to the bottom of leg. You have just learned how to draw a polar bear! how to draw a bear next step
  8. And finally, give your drawing dimension by using light short stokes on his snout, around jaws, eyes and in ears like in the picture. Moving to his body, use curving strokes to define rounded areas and slanted straight strokes to show angular details. Finally, add detail lines on his legs, paws and toes. Was this bear drawing easy?how to draw a bear step by step tutorial

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Video of how to Draw a Bear

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