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Cheap Halloween Decorations

Posted by  ·  October 26, 2018  ·  Last Updated: October 26, 2018
You will love these easy and cheap Halloween decorations if you are thinking about getting ready to decorate for Halloween!
cheap halloween decorations

Most of them you can make yourself and are kid friendly you can even get the kids involved.  Use these ideas for simple Halloween party decorations, Halloween props, and fun décor ideas for outdoor decor to get your home ready for  Halloween night and trick-or-treaters!

Cheap Halloween Decorations

Yes, these Halloween decorations are cheap and easy.  Dress of black lunch sacks to make adorable hanging bat party favors and free printable Halloween bottle labels will for sure decorate your party and make it festive!

Hanging Bats  and Halloween Bottles by Skip to my Lou

halloween bats

Make these fabulous and creepy hanging Halloween ghosts. They cost next to nothing.

haunted house

At our house, we love things that glow.  Can you believe ping pong balls can make glowing eyes for your pumpkin? If you have a yard light, black tape easily turns your light into a jack o lantern.

Glowing Pumpkin Eyes and Jack o Lantern Light

pumpkin lights

A boa wrapped around a wreath form creates a festive wreath in minutes.  Tin cans are not just cheap they are free! Recycle those tin cans into luminaries.

Halloween Wreath and Halloween Tin Can Luminaries by Skip to my Lou

halloween wreath

Recycle glass jars and turn them into cheap Halloween decorations for your home. Halloween candy can make a sweet decoration.

Ghosts in Jar  and  Halloween Candy Wreath by Eighteen 25

halloween decor

Outdoor Decor

Be the talk of the neighborhood with these climbing skeletons.  These will wow your neighbors.


To let yourself and your little trick-or-treaters enjoy the spook of the festival, add a bit of that ooey-gooey element to your Halloween decor this year by constructing your very own spider egg sacs that hang at your entrance in the most creepy manner. All you need to collect is your old white tights, some large and small plastic spiders, baseballs and a hot glue gun to bring this amazing project to life. 


These dancing ghosts look extra creepy! You can whip these up and keep them up all month long. These don’t cost a lot of money to make and use from year to year.

halloween night


Outdoor Halloween Sign. So simple and fun! I love how it is a totally unique Halloween Decoration.  You can make one too!

halloween sign

Halloween Home Decor

Candles are one of the easiest ways to add a festive atmosphere to any home for just about any occasion. Round up a few jars and get creative with paint, tissue paper, decoupage, tape, and permanent markers. You can easily make them match your Halloween decor, and the kids will really enjoy making them with you!

home decor

Recycled baby food jars turned into jack o lanterns are a fun Halloween craft. If you don’t have baby food jars, glass votives from the dollar store work great!

Halloween Candles and Halloween Votives by Skip to my Lou

Halloween candles

Turn orange paper into a cheap decoration.

Pumpkin Garland by Skip to my Lou & Somewhat Simple

halloween decorating

Here is another festive decoration that is FREE!

DIY Halloween Decorations

These cute cheap Halloween decorations are sure to liven up any party and make your home more festive!  I hope that you will find a fun and easy idea to help make your Halloween decorations cheap!  Here are some great tips for carving pumpkins, decorating with pumpkins, and don’t forget the treats with these creative cupcake ideas!

and of course, check out more DIY Halloween Decorations!

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  1. Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
    Lovely ideas and decorations! I love the tin can idea - very practical as we all have tons of the at house and we don't know what to do them.