Are you in charge of the Halloween party games for your party or classroom? Here are some of my favorite Halloween games for kids! Everyone from young kids and kids-at-heart teenagers and grown-ups can get in on the action with these super fun Halloween games and party ideas!

There’s so much more fun to be had before trick or treat! For even more great Halloween activities to liven up classroom parties and holiday family time, be sure to check out our Halloween Coloring Pages!

Halloween Games

Halloween Party Games

These first three are my standbys. I play them with kids year after year and they make great Halloween carnival games. Just keep all the supplies each year, and you are ready to go. I do make new ghosts each year for the blow the ghost game, because they tend to get a little wet (YIKES).

Racing Ghosts Replay

Make a ghost by covering a cotton ball with a tissue and tied with a piece of thread around its neck. Tape a one-inch piece of straw to the top of the ghost’s head. Make two of these so you have two teams playing against each other in a relay.

Now thread a very long string through the straw. Attach each end of the string to a chair. Pull the chairs apart until the string is tight.

kids playing blow the ghost halloween games

Divide the class into two teams. Each team member will get on their knees, and with a 3-inch piece of straw blow the ghost to the other side. The next team member will blow the ghost back until all members have had a turn. Watch the video to see it works in action!

  • Witch’s Stew

You will need at least one cut-out shape for each member on each team and two plastic cauldrons. I used our school die-cut machine and made spiders, black cats, owls, and frogs.

Divide the class into two teams. Each member needs a 3-inch piece of a straw. Give each team a pile of shapes (ingredients for the stew).

One at a time, a team member, using a 3 inch piece of straw, will suck up a shape, and keeping it on the straw, walk quickly to the other side of the room and drop the shape in a black cauldron. Once the shape is in the cauldron the next team member can go. The first team to have all members take a turn wins.

  • Witch Hat Memory Game
child playing Halloween party games

Here’s another super fun Halloween party idea for kids. Purchase or make witch hats. Place a treat under each hat, making sure you have two of each item hidden.

Kids play the traditional memory game. They can give the second item to a friend, or place the second item in a bucket and then use them as prizes for another game. Kids love a game where they win a prize, and you can use small party favors, toys, Halloween candy, or whatever you like for this game.

paper witch hat
  • Sweeping witches

Each team needs a witch’s hat, a broom, and a large sheet of newspaper crumpled in a ball for this fun Halloween game. Space three or so chairs apart in a line for each team. Each member will have to sweep the crumpled ball of newspaper in and out through the chairs while wearing their witch’s hat. They go down and back and then give the hat and broom to the next person until all members have had a turn.

Halloween Games

I haven’t tried these party game for kids myself but they sure look fun!

Pin the Spider on the Web

You can print this spider web game out using this free printable…

pin the spider on the web

or cut a paper spider web out of the large rolls of paper found in the workroom at school or wrapping paper. Watch the video to find out how.

Halloween Touch and Feel Boxes

I am not sure why but feeling cooked noodles and thinking they are brains is super fun for kids. This Halloween-themed game idea is so easy. In each Halloween mystery box/container, add a spooky or gross item. Here are some ideas.

  • Worms – noodles
  • Eyeballs – peeled grapes, put them in jello for an extra gross feeling
  • Spider legs – fuzzy pipe cleaners
  • Toes – cut up hot dogs or Baby carrots
  • Teeth – Popcorn kernels – teeth
  • Candy corn – vampire teeth
  • Spiderweb – thread
  • Tongue – dried apricot
  • Heart – peeled tomato
  • Guts – cooked noodles
  • Skin – Wet tortilla
  • Guts – cooked pasta in just a bit of water
  • Fingers – hot dogs or cheese sticks
  • Fingernails – slivered almonds
  • Rat tails – licorice
  • Heart – peeled tomato
  • Vampire teeth – candy corn
  • Warts – raisins
  • Vomit – pudding with peas – vomit
  • Nose – pickle
  • Brains – cooked spaghetti, a wet sponge or steamed cauliflower
  • Witch bones – rod  pretzels or dried pasta
  • Dead animal – fake fur


kids playing toilet roll paper game

Halloween Party Games for kids

What’s the best party filler when you have played all of the games, eaten all the food, finished the craft and YIKES you STILL have 10 minutes left? Try one of these quick Halloween games!


This little game is easy for kids of all ages to play.

halloween game

Human Tic Tac Toe

This is my go to game if we finish early and need a time filler. All you need is chairs!

To play set out nine chairs. Divide the class (easiest if you do boys against girls).Kids play by each taking a turn sitting in a chair until they have three girls or boys in a row. If they are older don’t allow them to tell each other where to sit. I love this one because it can be set up in minutes and the kids think it is great!

Halloween Tic Tac Toe

Have these Halloween game cards printed and some candy markers and you will be able to divide the class into pairs to fill time with this festive game. I usually have a few things like this and Halloween Coloring Pages just in case we have extra time.

Printable Halloween Tic Tac Toe

halloween party game printable

Halloween Activities

Pumpkin Golf

Put this together and you can use it year after year!

halloween party games

Halloween MYSTERY Game

This is the most fun Halloween game for kids. Spook your guests while they reach and get surprised by these exciting creations. Need more ideas? Check out the long list of touch and feel ideas above.

fun halloween games

Pumpkin Patch Stomp

This is a very fun and easy activity. Kids will love stomping on the balloons. Take this game up a level by adding candy and small toys before you add the air.

halloween carnival games
  • Little Orange House Story Halloween Storytelling Activity

This one is more of an activity than a Halloween party game, but it keeps the kids busy and only takes a sheet of orange paper.

Little Orange House Story

halloween activity

Kids are sure to have a blast with all of these Halloween Games! My favorites are the Halloween relay races. The kids love those!

Planning a party these hanging bats make a great decoration and party favor. WIN WIN!


More Halloween Fun!

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