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Towel Wrap for your hair

Surprise Me!

This a simple wrap for your hair that would make a nice gift packaged with some lotion and or things for the bath.

You will need 1 bath towel with at least 36 inches of space between the ribbing and 6 inches of 1/2 wide elastic.

Printable Towel Wrap Instructions

Fold the bath towel in half right sides together length ways. Measure 36″ across the bottom of the towel (opposite) from the fold.

Cut out your shape

On the long end (where back of head goes) place a 6 inch piece of elastic folded in half about 3 inches up from the bottom

Stitch around the towel 1/2 from the edge leaving the bottom open. Zig Zag or overcast your seams to prevent unraveling.

Turn right side out and your are finished.

My sweet friend Jenni will model how this works.  After your shower or bath you lean over and place your wet hair in the towel.

Then starting at your forehead you twist to the end–catching all of your hair inside

Take the end and pull it over your head and fasten in the back in the elastic loop!  How cool is that?

I found the idea for this great project at Perfect Little Stitches. I though, adjusted the measurements for my version for a slightly different fit.

Here is gift idea for a child using a towel.

Child’s Hooded Towel


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