Our all-in-one towel and tote is a clever way to carry your towel to the pool or beach!

Convertible Towel  To Tote

This towel tote is an easy summer project. It would be a great beginning sewing project. You will need one beach towel. The thinner beach towels work best. White fabric for pocket (1/2 yard will do), paint brushes, iron, white paper and DecoArt Ink Effects for decorating.

Paint a design on white copy paper with the special ink effects paint.

The image will be reversed so be sure to reverse any letters when painting.

How to make a foldable  beach towel tote

Determine the size of the pocket that will be sewn to the towel by folding up the towel. First, bring the long sides of the towel to the middle.

Now fold the towel in half crosswise.

Fold towel once more.

Cut a piece of fabric the size of the folded towel. My fabric was 11 inches by 12 inches. When I cut my fabric I used the selvage (factory finished edge of the fabric) as the top of the pocket so it did not need to be finished. Finish the edge of the other three sides. The edges can be serged or turned under slightly and stitched.

Iron the painted design according to package directions to the white fabric. Synthetic fabrics work best. My fabric is a blend of 35% Cotton and 65% Polyester.

Center the fabric along the bottom of the towel, right side down. Stitch across the bottom and two sides, leaving the top towards the middle of the towel open.

How to sew the strap

Cut a piece of fabric 4 inches wide by about 26 inches long. Press fabric in half. Bring edges to middle and press. Fold in half. Sew along each side.

Sew the ends of the strap to the towel on the outside of each side of pocket, down about an inch from the top of the pocket.

Now flip the towel over (pocket on the bottom), bring long sides to middle, fold towel in half and half again (like we did in the beginning). Turn the pocket right side out around the towel and wah lah — you now have a tote to carry your towel!

You can purchase DecoArt Ink Effects at Joann’s all across the nation beginning this week. If you want to enter for a chance to win these pop over and enter my DecoArt Ink Effects contest!

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