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Make A Pilgrim Hat {FREE TEMPLATES}

Posted by  ·  November 10, 2018  ·  Last Updated: November 10, 2018

This cool Pilgrim hat will make you the best-dressed guest at your Thanksgiving dinner.  Do you prefer a Pilgrim bonnet? No worries I have a paper Pilgrim bonnet tutorial.  Either way, you will have a fun and festive Thanksgiving with these awesome hats.  Have all the supplies ready and it a great way to entertain the kids before your meal.

how to make a pilgrim hat

Pilgrim Hat Supplies

It doesn’t take many supplies to be the a pilgrim at your Thanksgiving feasts! Have all the supplies ready to go and let guest make their own pilgrim hat for a fun Thanksgiving craft.

  • Pilgrim Hat Template
  • black cardstock or construction paper
  • brown cardstock or construction paper
  • gold glitter paper (found at a crafts store)
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • glue stick

How to make a Pilgrim Hat

Follow the easy instructions to make your own paper hat. First, download the Pilgrim Hat Template and print on regular copy paper.  Cut out the pieces to use as a cutting guide.

Pilgrim Hat Supplies skiptomylou.org
  1. Cut the hat out of black cardstock
  2. Cut the band out of brown cardstock
  3. Cut the buckle out of glitter paper  No worries if you can’t find glitter paper. Simply add your own glitter to the buckle piece
  4. Cut two to three strips lengthwise from the brown paper for the band that goes around the head
Pilgrim Hat Step 1

5. Glue the brown band piece to the front of the hat.

Pilgrim Hat Step 2

6. Staple two of the long brown strips together. Make sure it will fit around the head. If not, attach the third strip to make it longer.

Pilgrim Hat Step 3

7. Staple the long band that goes around the head to the back of the bottom edge of the hat about 1/2 inch up.

Pilgrim Hat Step 4

8. Glue on the gold buckle, covering the staples.

Pilgrim Hat Step 5

9. Place the long band around the head to determine the correct size and then staple the ends together.

Pilgrim Hat Step 6

Let the feast begin! The Pilgrims have arrived! What a cute way to celebrate Thanksgiving and be festive! Enjoy this Thanksgiving hat while eating your pumpkin pie!

DIf you want a special Pilgrim hat for the ladies be sure to check out my DIY Pilgrim bonnet! Either one of these hats would make the perfect pilgrim costume. Some people might like a feather headdress and dress like Native American.

girl wearing pilgrim bonnet

I didn’t realize but people also wear pie hats and turkey hats for Thanksgiving. Have you seen these Holiday hats? I would much rather eat my Thanksgiving turkey than wear one. Haha.

Complete the Pilgrim hat with a pair of black baseball pants, white shirt, and cardboard buckles fastened to dress shoes and you have an easy Thanksgiving costume.

More ways to make Thanksgiving special and fun for all!

All these ideas will help you have a memorable holiday! The best part kids (and adults) will be kept entertained!

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