Free Printable May Day Basket

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    Use this free printable May Day Basket to celebrate May Day. I love May Day! There is just something fun about sharing unexpected treats with friends. Let your friends know that someone thinks they are special….. but don’t let them know who! Keep them guessing.

    I have so many different May Day Basket Ideas.  I hope you will check them out.  It really is a fun family activity!
    free printable may day basket

    Download the file, print two copies in color on white cardstock.  Cut out.  You have your choice of little gift tags to add to your May Day Basket.

    {Printable May Day Basket}

    free may day basket download

    Lightly score the dotted line.  It is super faint. It goes from the bottom point to between the scallop at the top. Don’t miss this step. It really does help putting the basket together easier.

    score may day basket

    Glue the two basket halves together by putting glue stick on the flap.

    fold may day basket

    Secure the other flap to the other side, creating the basket.

    glue may day basket

    Punch holes on each side. Tie a knot at the end of a ribbon, thread on the gift tag of your choice then through the hole on the side.

    may day basket gift tag

    Bring the ribbon to the other side from the inside out, add another tag if you like and then tie a knot. Be sure to use enough ribbon to allow for hanging on your friend’s door.

    may day basket printable tag may day basket printable

    Fill the basket with flowers and you are ready to ding your friend’s doorbell and DASH!

    printable may day basket

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