Lollipop May Day Basket will surprise and delight your neighbors and will be a blast to make with your kiddos! This May Day flower basket is not only delicious but these flowers will not cause allergies!

cute lollipop May Day basket
Lollipop May Day Basket

On May Day, hanging an unexpected surprise on your neighbor’s door is SUCH a good thing! Here at Skip to My Lou, I really love May Day, creating opportunities to deliver goodness AND having the kids involved with creating those gifts! ( Besides, my kids love to ding, leave a gift, and dash!) Tulip May Day Basket is another basket for you to try!

All About May Day

Will this be your first year to observe the festive holiday called May Day? If so, read on to learn a little bit about this ancient celebration of Spring and new beginnings.

In European cultures, May Day is celebrated with dances, singing, and cake! A Queen of May or May Queen is crowned and there is dancing around a Maypole. Think Spring, flowers, sweets, and fun!

What May Day looks like for my family is creating and surprising my neighbors with baskets of sweets and flowers! Shhh! If you see them, don’t tell! Delivering unexpected goodness is always a good thing. And think about it, neighbors don’t have to be just the folk next door!

supplies needed to make lollipop May day basket

Supplies Needed for Lollipop May Day Basket

  • Lollipops (Blow Pops, Tootsie Pops, Gourmet Suckers all work)
  • White Card Stock
  • Color printer
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or twine to attach the gift tag
  • Glue – glue stick or hot glue (see tips)
  • Paper shred or tissue for the inside of the basket
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Scissors
  • Free printable May Basket and flowers
free may basket and flowers printable
free may basket template

How to Put The Paper Flowers and Basket Together

  1. Download free printable and print in color on white card stock. There is also a black and white version if you choose to use it as a template and use colored paper.
  2. Cut out all the pieces. Fold the patterned basket piece into a cone shape and glue. Glue a Styrofoam ball inside the cone to hold the flowers upright.styrofoam ball inside cone
  3. Carefully put a small hole in the middle of the flowers and insert a sucker. The leaf shape can be glued around the stem. Glue the handle on each side of the basket.lollipop flower
  4. Stick the sucker sticks into the Styrofoam ball, spacing the flowers evenly. If you don’t have a Styrofoam ball you could use floral foam or tape the flowers to the sides on the basket along the inside. Add a bit of paper shred to the inside of the basket if you like. lollipop flowers in may basket
  5. Punch a hole at the top of the tag and tie it to the basket.happy may day tag on basket


  • TIPS: Hot glue holds the basket and handle together more securely than a glue stick.
  • Sometimes the sucker wrapper needs to be trimmed to fit through the hole. Fit the sucker stick through the hole twisting the same way the wrapper goes to get it up to the sucker.

Now you are ready to hang it on your friend’s door!

adorable May Day basket hanging on doorknob

More Kid-Friendly Baskets for May Day and Beyond

Thank you for stopping by and before you go, I’d like to share more kid-friendly baskets that the whole family can help with and then spread joy by delivering them as surprises! Please let me know in the comments how these worked!

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