Happy May Day!

    Posted by  ·  May 1, 2012

    It is not too late to celebrate. These little wraps will make a last minute May Day Basket! Gather a few supplies and you will be ready to “ding and dash” and spread some May Day cheer.

    Supplies for May Day Basket

    Scrapbook Paper (I found this at Michaels Arts & Crafts) or heavy weight wrapping paper
    wire or coat hanger to make a handle to hang the basket
    hot glue
    crepe paper
    potted garden plants in small pots

    This year we had an early Spring and it seems that my go to May Day flowers have already come and gone. We decided that a small potted garden flower would be the perfect solution. These geraniums are in pots that are 3″ at bottom and 4″ across the top.

    How to make a May Day Basket

    Flower Pot Wrapper Download

    Download template and use it to cut a wrapper from pretty scrap book paper.

    Using a low temp glue gun carefully glue crepe paper across the back of the top edge ruffling crepe paper as you glue.

    The front will look like this

    Attach wire to the plastic flower pot by poking it through the side and bending up end. Repeat on other side to make a large handle so it can be hung on a door knob.

    Wrap the paper around the pot and fasten with hot glue or clear packing tape.

    Attach a little card wishing the recipient a Happy May Day! Quietly sneak up to your friend’s front door, hang the basket, ring the door bell and RUN away!

    These paper flower pot wraps would dress any potted garden flower  and make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. Check out all the fun crafty Mother’s Day gift you can make at Michaels.



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    1. Eva
      Friday, May 4th, 2012
      This is so cute. A nice gift of a plant in a darling wrapper...hanging!!!
      Thank you for all the cute ideas you give us,
    2. Jenny
      Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
      Such a great idea! Your model is beautiful! Love May Day and the flower pot wrapper is perfect!
    3. Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
      How adorable.....my grandaugther will be here tomorrow....I think we will make some of these for her Mom....love it....tfs