Craft up a darling flower with baking cups.  You only need baking cups and a Tootsie Pop (or another round sucker) to make the flowers. The leaves are a simple trick I will show you how to make!

Baking cup flowers make wonderful Valentines.  Isn’t it amazing that simple muffin cups can be turned into beautiful flowers?  They are a perfect way to give your Valentine a sweet treat!

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Baking Cup Flower Supplies

  • green masking tape (typically this is painter’s tape)
  • regular hole punch
  • paper baking cups or some say muffin cups ( six for each flower)
  • wire (easily bendable floral wire)
  • scissors
  • Tootsie Pops  or Blow Pop Suckers for larger flowers Dum Dum suckers for mini flowers

How to Make Baking Cup Flowers

How to Make Paper Flowers From Cupcake Liners

These paper flowers made from baking cups are a simple and charming craft that can be used for Valentines, decorations, gifts, or just as a fun creative project!

  1. Fold four paper baking cups into half and lay two out flat.
how to fold baking cups

2. Punch a hole 1/4 inch from the edge on the four folded papers.

punching hole in baking cup

3. Fold the other two papers in half and punch off the edge to make a hole in the center of the baking cup (like paper on the left side), and open it back up.

baking cup folded with punched hole

4. Place four folded papers onto a sucker stick, overlapping 1/4 of the baking cup each time a piece of paper is added. Then place two open papers.

How to make masking tape leaves

You are going to be shocked at how realistic these leaves look and you only use masking tape and wire.

  • Lay two pieces of green masking tape about 7 inches long, sticky side facing up.  Place a piece of wire in the center of one piece.
green making tape for making leaves
  • Put sticky sides together with wire sandwiched in the middle.
wire in center of masking tape
  • Cut a leaf shape at each end with 1 inch trimmed in the middle.
leaf shape cut into making tape
  • Twist leaves underneath paper baking cups. It is easy to write to and from on the masking tape leaves.
twist leaves under baking cups

So cute! What a fun little project that even kids can do!

cute flower make from baking cup with tootsie roll pop in center

How to Make Mini Paper Muffin Cup Flowers

If you would like to make a smaller flower just use mini baking cup liners.

Fold the four center papers in 1/4 to make a pie shape for a different look.

red baking cups for making flowers

Arrange papers on a sucker stick for another beautiful flower.

adorable baking cup valentine paper flowers

Mini muffin cup papers can be folded either way for mini flowers.

two different ways to fold the paper cups in thirds or half

Dum Dum Bouquet

A Dum Dum Bouquet is a clever candy arrangement where Dum Dum lollipops are arranged like a colorful bouquet. It’s a fun and sweet way to present lollipops for a cheerful surprise!

muffin cup flowers in red and purple

You can have a whole flower bouquet in no time.

pretty bouquet of paper cup valentines

More Flowers to Make

Love flowers? Try this sweet printable paper flower Valentine! Just print!

Free Printable Lollipop Flower

Who doesn’t love a little extra cash? A money bouquet would be a thoughtful way to give Valentine Flowers.

girl holding money bouquet with a pink flower, and a balloon
Money Flower Bouquet

Flower Crafts

If you don’t want to add a sucker these baking cup flowers don’t need one!

cupcake liner flowers
Cupcake Liner Flowers

Fabric flowers are easy to make and are beautiful to embellish just about anything!

Scrap Fabric Flowers
Fabric Flowers Choose from over 10 flowers to make!
tissue paper flowers
Tissue Paper Flowers
crochet flowers
Crochet Flowers and Leaves

This crochet rose is a beginner project that anyone can do!

crochet rose
Crochet Rose
crochet flower bookmarks
Crochet Flower Bookmark Pattern

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  1. Thanks! I love the step-by-step directions with pictures. Wonderful! I plan to make these for my church kids, ages newborn through…..special needs adults. I will make a bouquet of these. I can cut straws to different lengths to use as extensions to the stick-stems. I will probably use green tissue paper to jazz it up.

  2. That is a great idea. I will have my class make these for their parents and for valentines day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the great tutorial. These came out great! I cheated on the leaves a bit. I just used sparkly green pipe cleaners instead, punched out a paper heart for the to and from and attached it to the pipe cleaner.

  4. This is wonderful! My 4 year old picked this idea as the one to do for her treat this year. She is thrilled!!!

  5. These are awesome! I’m going to make a “bunch” in white and pink polka dots! So, so so cute!

  6. So cute! I’ll be sharing this on my pirates-n-princesses facebook fanpage! You should check it out!

  7. Thanks so much for the idea! I am going to make them for my kids classes. I need to make 53 of them so I am starting today!

  8. Cuteness overload. I LOVE this idea! And I happen to have a handy horde of cute cupcake wrappers already. 😉

  9. GREAT POST. Photos and instructions are very clear! Thanks for a great idea in plenty of time to get them done!

  10. So cute! I just saw a nice selection of cupcake papers at JoAnn’s. Looks like I’ll have to run back and get some! Thanks for the great pics. It makes it so much easier to understand the craft, even a simple one. Your blog is so sweet!

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