A Crochet flower bookmark works up in minutes. They are the perfect project for scraps of yarn. This crochet pattern is easy enough for beginners.

These bookmarks make a great gift for a book-loving friend. This rose coffee sleeve is perfect for a coffee-loving friend. Check out all my free crochet patterns for more gift ideas.

crochet flower bookmarks

Crochet Flower Bookmark Supplies

  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Small Flower

  • Fine weight yarn
  • size E crochet hook

Large Flower

  • Worsted yarn (any colors, small amounts, great for scrap yarn)•
  • H-8 / 5mm hook,•Yarn needle,•Scissors

TERMS/stitch abbreviations

  • Magic ring→mr
  • Chain→ch
  • Slip stitch→sl st
  • Single crochet→sc
  • Half double crochet→hdc
  • Double crochet→dc
  • Treble crochet→tr
  • Repeat pattern x more times between * and *→*…* x times
  • Place st sequence within [ and ] in one st→[…

yarn crochet hook crochet flower and leaf

Crochet Flower Bookmark Pattern

Small flower

Round 1: mr, 5sc in the ring, (5 sts).

Round 2: *[sl st, ch2, 4dc]* 4 more times, sl st in next st (20 sts). Fasten off with tail for sewing.

Big flower

Round 1: mr, 5sc in the ring, (5 sts).

Round 2: *[sl st, ch3, 4tr, ch3]* 4 more times, sl st in next st (20 sts). Fasten off with tail for sewing.

Stem and leaf

(You can make the stem longer by adding more chains. Just make sure you have 9 chains for the leaf)


Row 1: start in the 2nd ch from the hook – 8sl st back the ch, ch1 and turn (8 sts).

Row 2: hdc, 2dc, tr, 2dc, hdc, sl st, ch2 and continue down the other side – sl st, hdc, 2dc, tr, 2dc, hdc, work 1 sl st through ch1 from previous round and the next ch (17 sts).

Fasten off and use the tails to sew the flower to the stem.

stitch crochet leaf and stem to flower

Important for this project:

  • Choose your preferred flower size or use both flowers for the bookmark.
  • Make it smaller: use light yarn and E-4 / 3.5mmhook.
  • Make the stem longer: Ch any desired length, just make sure you have9 chs for the leaf.
  • Optional: once you’ve finished the leaf, you can make the stem thicker by working 29 sl st back the ch, then fasten off.•
  • Change it up: Make it bigger: Use worsted yarn with a G6-H8 / 4mm-5mm hook to increase the sizeslightly.-
  • Switch colors after the mr for the petals of the flower or when working row 2 of the leaf.-Add sequins or beads to the flower

crochet flower bookmark in closed book

Now, your bookmark is all done! You can keep it yourself or give it to a fellow bookworm as a present.

crochet flower bookmark in open book

For your convenience, you may download a printable version of the crochet pattern for $1.99download button

My Favorite Crochet Tools

  • If you are like me and like to crochet on the go this tote is a stylish way to keep everything you need at your fingertips!
  • My MOST FAVORITE tool is these portable scissors that always make it through security and fit perfectly in my hook case.
  • A️ yarn bowl is a beautiful way to wrangle yarn while crocheting
  • Keep organized with this crochet hooks kit with a case. This 85-piece kit has over 2,500  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five-star reviews.
  • Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos is the most helpful resource to keep handy!

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  1. It’s gorgeous!! And easy, thanks for sharing 💗💗can I sell the final project and tag you in?

  2. This is the the perfect gift for my book club friends. Thanks for the super cute tutorial!


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