April Fools Day is just around the corner!  Here are some harmless and even cute prank ideas kids will love!  Be sure to check out these April Fools Pranks too. I show you how I send a little prank to school in their lunch!  You are sure to have them squealing!  Still, need more good pranks?  Here are 40 April Fools Day Pranks! If you are looking for a fun recipe to make with kids don’t miss these birds nest cookies I shared this week.april fools prank gallery

Silly Blue Bathwater and Turn the Milk Blue by Kids Activities Blog

blue water trick

April Fools Candy Can  and Carrots in the Candy Box By Come Together Kids

candy can trick

Turn Your Milk Solid  and The Sliced Banana Trick by Classic Play

food tricks

Here are few more good pranks…

  1. Turn the house upside down, simply switch pictures, pillows etc… get as creative as you like.
  2. Put Salt on their toothbrushes the night before {bleck}
  3. For feet that grew overnight stuff toilet paper in their shoes!
  4. Toilet paper their room, this old classic always produces giggles.
  5. Change the language on their devices!
  6. Musical beds! If you have heavy sleeper put them in different beds while they are sleeping!
  7. Roll money in the toilet paper for a happy surprise!
  8. Swap out the sugar for salt!
  9. Squirt Lemon Juice in their water!
  10. Poke pin holes in a plastic cup for a leaky situation!
  11. Set all the clocks in the house a little early — then ease the blow of an early wake-up by taking the kiddos out for breakfast.
  12. Superglue some coins to the sidewalk or any spot that has a lot of people walking around.
  13. Make a funny dinner! I have seen people go all out where everything is switched.
  14. Whatever you do have fun!  What was your best April Fools joke?


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  1. I made a chocolate covered Brussels sprout/cake pop and put it on a plate with regular cake pops. I’ll never forget my granddaughter’s face when she bit into it. 😂😂😂

  2. I taped the paper towels so if you try to pull one off it sticks. You should try it. It is easy to do.

  3. When my daughter was in grade school, I put plastic ants in her PB&J sandwich… but she never knew… whoops! Hope it was food safe plastic they were made of…!

  4. One year I made “cookies.” I shaped mashed potatoes and black beans to look like chocolate chip cookies and baked them a little so they would hold their shape. I then baked some real cookies for the smell and hid those. After dinner I handed out the potato black bean cookies and everyone was so excited until they bit into it. The looks on their faces were priceless. I have never been able to top that April Fool’s joke.

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