April Fools Day is just around the corner!  Here are some harmless and even cute prank ideas kids will love!  Be sure to check out these April Fools Pranks too. I show you how I send a little prank to school in their lunch!  You are sure to have them squealing!  Still, need more good pranks?  Here are 40 April Fools Day Pranks! If you are looking for a fun recipe to make with kids don’t miss these birds nest cookies I shared this week.april fools prank gallery

Silly Blue Bathwater and Turn the Milk Blue by Kids Activities Blog

blue water trick

April Fools Candy Can  and Carrots in the Candy Box By Come Together Kids

candy can trick

Turn Your Milk Solid  and The Sliced Banana Trick by Classic Play

food tricks

Here are few more good pranks…

  1. Turn the house upside down, simply switch pictures, pillows etc… get as creative as you like.
  2. Put Salt on their toothbrushes the night before {bleck}
  3. For feet that grew overnight stuff toilet paper in their shoes!
  4. Toilet paper their room, this old classic always produces giggles.
  5. Change the language on their devices!
  6. Musical beds! If you have heavy sleeper put them in different beds while they are sleeping!
  7. Roll money in the toilet paper for a happy surprise!
  8. Swap out the sugar for salt!
  9. Squirt Lemon Juice in their water!
  10. Poke pin holes in a plastic cup for a leaky situation!
  11. Set all the clocks in the house a little early — then ease the blow of an early wake-up by taking the kiddos out for breakfast.
  12. Superglue some coins to the sidewalk or any spot that has a lot of people walking around.
  13. Make a funny dinner! I have seen people go all out where everything is switched.
  14. Whatever you do have fun!  What was your best April Fools joke?


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  1. My mother has a very strong aversion to mice. Growing up in an old farmhouse, we would occasionally have a mouse get in the house and all forces would be sent out after it until it was caught and disposed of. One April Fools, I took tiny pinches of raisins, rolled them between my fingers, and left “mouse” droppings in the kitchen drawers for my mother to happen across as she was cooking. I never could top that prank!

  2. When I was a kid, I remember my mom waking up my sister and I and telling us that it snowed outside and there was a snow day at school. We ran to the window and there was no snow. I remember that one the best.

  3. I made meatloaf “cupcakes” with colored mashed potato frosting for my daughter a few years back. She still lets me know how unhappy she was every year. LOL

  4. Then found some vitamins and tol him it would help.several day later he put them on and came upstairs so excited until everyone started laughing. Totally the best joke yet.

  5. My grandson want to start growing so bad and i noticed his dress pants were long so with my daughters help we hemed his pants up about five inches and

  6. When I was young we used to glue the neighbors mailboxes shut. Made for a funny morning on the porch!

  7. Years ago, when my kids were small, I set all the clocks ahead, and woke them up in a panic…..Your late for school….we all overslept! They both jumped out of bed and I hurriedly got them dressed….then grabbed a pop tart saying hurry….the bus will be here in a second…and ran them out the door. As I watched them run down the driveway, to go around the corner to the bus stop, I got dressed and walked outside calmly with a sign in my hand….As soon as I was directly across the street from them, I turned the sign over and it read. APRIL FOOLS…ITS REALLY 7:30! Should have seen the looks on their face and they chased me all the way home.

  8. When I taught 4th grade, I’d go into school extra early and duct tape each of my student’s chair legs to a desk leg. When they’d enter the room and try to pull out their chair, it would be stuck! I’d be standing at the door just trying to hold back my giggles! What fun we had!

  9. I super-glued my skin together on the top of my forearm and put red oil paint on it so it looked like a big cut, then I ran into my house and told my dad I got hurt. I just briefly showed it to him and acted like it was hurting real bad, when he got the keys and was ready to take me to the hospital I said, April fools!! He didn’t think it was that funny, but I’ll never forget it.

  10. I squeezed a little Ambesol (numbing gel) into t my families toothbrushes. It’s clear color makes it invisible. They grabbed their toothbrush, squeezed toothpaste onto it and would start brushing, the effects of the gel were almost immediate-entire mouth numb! The numbness lasted for approximately 30 minutes and it’s hilarious!

  11. I always put a small post-it note on the bottom of the computer mouse. The sensor on the mouse won’t work, but it is easily removed and a harmless prank.

    We don’t have a lot of cold cereal, but I buy several of our favorites, open the boxes and swap the bags out (Trix bag goes in the Cherrios box, etc). They always laugh when they are groggy in the morning and the wrong cereal pours out.

    I also like to make jello in our glass dinner cups. I put a straw in as it sets up. Green jello works great- I’ll also make a container of green punch and put on the table so that it looks like I poured the punch into the cups.

  12. I cut out a bunch of the letter “E” out of brown construction paper and put them in a cookie tin. I gave it to the kids and told them it was a snack. When they opened it, they were really perplexed and said ‘what is this?’. I said ‘Well, what IS it?”. When they couldn’t guess the answer, I told them I had made them some ‘brown-ies (E’s)! I also took them to work and did it to my co- workers!

  13. What fun ideas. I was never much one for April Fools or any practical jokes of any kind (probably because I’m so gullible.) But I’m not opposed to a little fun now and then! A few years ago my daughter made her summer bucket list. One of the things on it was to glue two coins to our sidewalk. Our house is elevated, so we don’t notice it too often, but our neighbors across the street laugh at how many people try to pick up that money! Terrible that my sweet daughter did this!

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