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40 April Fools Day Pranks for Kids

Posted by  ·  March 23, 2018  ·  Last Updated: March 27, 2019

Here are 40 April Fools Day Pranks for kids! Your kids will love these simple and some not so simple ways to get your family squealing! If you want to see how I prank my kids at school check out these April Fools Pranks. These harmless pranks are also a super fun way to celebrate April Fools Day.

Make an April Fools Day Dinner, with everything, switched around, or surprise them with crazy (and harmless) tricks all day long!   Check out all these great ideas below…

April Fools Pranks for kids Food Ideas

Frozen Cereal: Surprise your little ones with this bowl of cereal that has been frozen overnight! Find the tutorial on Clean and Scentsible.

aprils fools day food

Fake Sushi: Imagine your family’s faces when they see this sushi is made out of rice cereal and candy! Find the instructions over on Kara’s Party Ideas!

fake sushi

KFC Meal.  This is pretty amazing.  Visit Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons for the all the details.


April Fool’s Day Dinner: Trick your whole family and serve them this silly fun dinner from Hoosier Homemade!

silly fun dinner


Silly Cupcakes: How awesome are these April Fool’s Day cupcakes from Our Best Bites? These are a must-make for April 1st! Those peas and carrots look so real.


My kids would be shocked at how good these grilled cheese sandwiches  are. Who wouldn’t love a pound cake and tinted buttercream frosting sandwich? Funny and delicious!


How about a sunny side up egg? Get the full tutorial at Meet The Dubiens.


Make these amazing Fake French Fries by Taste and Tell. So clever to use breadstick dough served up with a bit of strawberry preserves as ketchup.


Kids might be a little disappointed when they remove the cloth and expect a delicious plate of homemade Brownies!

brown E

Bake at 350 has a lot of great ideas for surprising your family with these fake treats. When they did into this treat they will realize they are getting dinner instead.

sundae fool

Jell-O Cups Pour your kiddos a glass of juice that is actually made of solid Jell-O! They will be so surprised! Get the instructions over on The 303 Griffiths.

jello drinks

This might look like a sweet ice cream sundae… it is actually meat and potatoes! Get all the recipes from Family Fresh Meals.


Soy Sauce Surprise take a bit of work but will for sure be a big surprise.


April Fools Pranks for Kids – Harmless Tricks

Bowl of Worms anyone?  These delicious worms are made of Jello! While this might look gross, kids will love eating them after they get over the shock.


Create a scare by placing a cup with …Do not open unless you plan to kill it written on the side. I might have to write another note for the inside that says gotcha.


Looks like the remote control isn’t working!  This would drive my kids crazy!!



Can you believe this April Fools Ice is made from melted plastic beads? Kids will love to get in on the making of this prank to fool a friend or a parent.


Fizzing Ice Cube will for sure be a funny prank.  All you do is freeze mentos inside ice cubes. As they melt the drink will fizz.

mentos prank

Air Horn Prank would be sure to be a surprise!


Mustard Toothpaste, the new flavor in toothpaste! Squirt some mustard in the toothpaste for this crazy surprise.

mustard toothpaste

Trick Soap is sure to confuse your family!


Mustache Prank. Draw on your child’s face when they deep in sleep and watch them walk around in the morning until they look in the mirror. If your kids are like mine, they won’t notice it until the evening.

OH, I am already disgusted! Find out how to make this insect in a lamp prank.

pranks for kids


Rainbow Prank. Imagine the kids giggling when they see the rainbow appears once you turn your wipers on. I love this idea! What a great way to start the day.


April Fools Pranks for Kids

Here are 19 more All Fun April Fools Day Pranks for Kids!

april-fools-for-kidsThis post has even more April Fools Day Pranks.  Kids will love these ideas {Wink Wink} Well maybe not the Cheetos being replaced with carrots, but they will love the bottle of water replaced with Sprite. Some super cute ideas.

april fools pranks for kids

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  1. Lucy Livingston
    Thursday, April 4th, 2019
    These are amazing, They are so creative!
  2. leslie lynch
    Monday, April 1st, 2019
    Oh how fun are these!!! Happy April Fools!
  3. Anna
    Saturday, March 30th, 2019
    These ideas are brilliant! I need to try them soon!
  4. Aimee Shugarman
    Saturday, March 30th, 2019
    Our family is big into fun pranks!
  5. Lori
    Friday, March 29th, 2019
    I've got to try these out on my son! Can't wait to get pictures.
  6. Natasha
    Friday, March 29th, 2019
    This is the cutest little roundup for kids looking for harmless pranks to play on April fools. I'll have to bookmark it for them to stumble upon ;)
  7. Sommer
    Thursday, March 28th, 2019
    Can't wait to see the look on my kids' face when I try some of these out this year!
  8. Julie
    Wednesday, March 27th, 2019
    How funny! My girls would hate some of these, but I love it!
  9. Becky Hardin
    Wednesday, March 27th, 2019
    lol … these are the best pranks ever.
  10. Kara
    Wednesday, March 27th, 2019
    I love tricking my kids for April Fool's Day. These ideas are awesome!! I better start planning which ones I want to try. :)
  11. Wednesday, March 27th, 2019
    I loved all the items on your list. Can't wait to try some!
  12. Erin
    Wednesday, March 27th, 2019
    These are so fun - my son would love these!
  13. abby
    Saturday, March 31st, 2018
    this really helped thanks