Here is another simple (but messy) Halloween Craft!  You need just a few supplies.  My Mod Podge has gone bad I think, so we used it along with Elmer’s Glue (My daughter sorta mixed it together—she is 3 so this wasn’t exact science).  I think Mod Podge alone would have been fine.  We were using items we had so we used orange crepe paper on a roll for the pumpkins and white tissue paper like you use to wrap a gift for the ghosts.

My daughter coated the outside of the baby food jar with glue/Mod Podge.

She then took pieces of crepe paper and put it on the jar. We gave the whole thing another coat of mod podge. It is important to dab gently so you don’t tear and wipe the crepe paper away.

We  made faces with scraps of black construction paper and then waited for them to dry.

Once they were dry I thought they probably could have used another coat of Mod Podge, however that could be because mine was old.  I didn’t want to get it back out so I just gave them a shot of clear spray paint.

It is starting to look a lot like Halloween around here!

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  1. GREAT idea–and looks easy enough for us seriously craft-challenged, but well-intentioned moms. Loves it (and just might try it! LOL!).

  2. what an awesome craft. Thanks so much for sharing this. I cannot wait to try it out!

  3. SO CUTE. My girls would really love a messy project like this! Now I need to clean out the fridge to find enough jars. Baby food jars would be adorable!

  4. Love these! I’ve got lots of jars in different sizes and these are perfect. What a cute idea. xoxo

  5. I love these and included this post on the Alpha Mom Reading List. You’re such a treat to read.

  6. Thanks for a GREAT idea! My kids and I spent the morning making a bunch of them and they turned out so cute! I love them!

  7. I love this project! My daughter did this in 3rd grade and I just brought it out from storage for our autumn decor.


  8. These look so cute! I’m so glad I found your blog and even more glad that I was able to get your button up on my blog!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I may have to have your little helper over to make these for my front steps — very cute! Love this idea!!

  10. So perfect! My daughter and I are doing this tonight! I clipped an article years ago for a very similar project. But they didn’t have a photo, only a drawing. If I knew how great they’d look, we’d have done these a year or two ago! We used orange acrylic paint, as I seem to have every color tissue paper under the sun except orange. DD has decided to make one for each of her classmates, her teacher, the preschool director, Granny, Grandpa, etc… Thanks for the inspiration — this project and so many others!

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