I have always wanted Adirondack chairs along the lake. So we took the challenge and built an Adirondack chair for each family member and now I have free printable Adirondack Chair Plans for you!

It’s not that difficult either and in a few hours, you’ll have your own Adirondack chair to sit on! It’s a perfect project for those of you who love DIY!

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adirondack chair plans from skip to my lou
Who doesn’t want a cozy Adirondack chair? Now you an build your own, thanks to our plans.

Our Experience Following the Adirondack Chair Plans

These rustic outdoor chairs not only enhanced our backyard, but building them also provided a fun family activity. Together we created a great space for us to relax as a family for years to come!

The Adirondack design is a perfect style for sturdy outdoor furniture, and they go together quite easily with a basic material list.  This DIY Adirondack chair is a great way to get the whole family building, with a comfortable seat as their reward!  The instructions for the Adirondack chair plans are simple to follow. Even our young daughter was able to help out and participate in the building of her own chair!

How To Build Adirondack Chairs

First, download the Adirondack chair plans at the link below.  The template is actual size so you will have to have it printed on 24″ by 36″ paper at a local copy shop. Many copy shops will allow you to email the file to be printed.

Then all you have to do is trace around the pieces, no measuring! Super easy! Follow along with our step-by-step instructions and photos below, and you’ll see how easily these classic chairs come together.

Download the Free Adirondack Template, gather the supplies and you are ready to build.

Adirondack Chair Supplies

Here is your shopping list for these easy to build chairs. The parts list for our free plans include:

  • 60 -1 1/2″ deck screws
  • 10 – 2″ X 1/4″  carriage bolts along with flat nuts and washers
  • 2 – 12 ft 1 X 6  pressure treated lumber (on one cut the middle back of the chair, upper back support, one seat, and two arms) (on the second cut two legs, the first seat piece/bottom support for back, and two seat pieces)
  • 1 – 8 ft 1 x 4 treated lumber (cut both support for arms, the front cross piece of chair, and two legs)
  • 1 – 10 ft 1 x 4 treated lumber (cut all four of the remaining back of the chair)
  • power tools (drill, hand sander) and a chop saw and band saw
  • level
  • socket set
  • printable plans

Step by Step How To Build Adirondack Chairs

Download and lay out all the templates out before cutting, They will be your cut list. Carefully place templates to get the most pieces from one board. Trace, cut and sand.

DIY Adirondack Chair
Starting the process.

Bolt legs together with 2-inch carriage bolts.

Adirondack Chairs Plan
Following the plan is super easy.
How to build adirondack chair
Everyone in the family can help out.

Once the legs are assembled, screw the front cross piece between the front legs.

plans for adirondack chair
Getting there!

Next, screw the bottom support to the back legs.

easy adirondack chair plans
It’s a sturdy design, too.

Now screw arm supports to the side of each front leg. For the entire chair, drill pilot holes to keep the wood from splitting.

adirondack chairs diy
You’ll need to do some drilling.

Screw on the arms of the chair onto the front legs.

building adirondack chair
The chair structure is in place.

Again, drill pilot holes and then bolt on the back seat support piece.

adirondack chair build
Following the plans is not that difficult at all.

Screw the middle back piece on the chair. Make sure both arms and the vertical back piece are level before attaching.

diy chair adirondack
Make sure everything is level.

Screw on the next two back pieces.  You want the slats to be spaced evenly, making sure to keep arms level.

adirondack chair back
Adding the backrest.

Evenly screw on the remaining back pieces.

diy adirondack chair back
Backrest in place.

Finally, screw on seat slats.

adirondack chair seat
Adding the seat.

And there you have it – an amazing and comfortable Adirondack chair!  We considered painting the chairs, but in the end, we decided the natural wood look was too beautiful to change. This rustic lounge chair is truly the perfect piece of furniture for your patio, porch, deck or yard.

how to build adirondack chairs
The final product!

Adirondack Chairs: A Brief Background

The traditional Adirondack chair design first made the scene in the early 1900s.  The designer, Thomas Lee, wanted a comfortable chair for his cottage on Lake Champlain near the Adirondack mountain range in upstate New York. This iconic piece of outdoor furniture may have grown in popularity amongst the east coast cottages, but it is now a must have piece of patio furniture for summer enjoyment coast to coast!

The comfortable design summons you to sit down and rest.  The wide armrests and the slanted back with a gentle recline help the weight of your day disappear.  The design is so comfortable that even cushions are not needed.

You can line these chairs up and face the lake to watch the sunset or create a friendly space for friends and neighbors on the patio.  Circle the chairs up around the fire-pit and enjoy an evening cocktail or a warm s’more, laugh, and tell some stories.  The Adirondack chair style is perfect for any outdoor space that you want to feel comfortable and inviting!

Adirondack chair plan tips

I encourage you to give this outdoor seating project a try.  Gather up the supplies and round up the family.  You could order the chairs online and pay the hefty shipping fees, but you would miss out on a great opportunity for the family to not only create memories but also create a fun place where you relax and enjoy each other’s company!

Building these from scratch is the perfect DIY woodworking project for beginners, and they are very affordable to make at home. After putting a few of these together for your own lawn, porch or garden, you may find yourself building more for friends and relatives – or even selling some on the side! Everybody loves settling into the deep scoop of these chairs, sitting around a fire and letting the evening go by.

Looking for more tips on how to build Adirondack chairs? Consider the following ideas:

  • Paint or stain these chairs for a unique touch. Varying colors of painted Adirondack chairs look so nice together!
  • If you already have some outdoor furniture like rocking chairs, patio furniture, or swings, Adirondack chairs are easily coordinated with some weather resistant throw pillows. The eclectic, mix-and-match look is all the rage!
  • You may want to coat them with a weather resistant sealant if they will be exposed to the elements on your deck or in the backyard.
  • Use cedar instead of pine for even more beautiful results.
  • Do you have pallets laying around? If you have sturdy pallet planks in good condition, try recycling the wood!

The easiest thing to do is print off the actual size template at your local copy shop for the Adirondack Chair Plans here.

Adirondack Chair Templates (print and trace around these)

If you want dimensions instead, we have done our best to recreate them for you. Click the link below.

Adirondack Chair Dimensions

Disclosure, Lowe’s provided me with a gift card for supplies.


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  1. Pierre, Show them the blog post where I give instructions to print. That allows my permission to print for personal use. I hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for sharing your excellent plans…….pity so many people complain about yiur plans a bit of common sense is all they need , and you have gone to so much trouble sharing your plans .
    Just about to start making as a winter project in our Covid Lockdown , hard to get Cedar in Ireland so using treated white deal and will paint later.
    Will let you know how I get on !
    Stay safe !
    Gerry Dornan

  3. Tried to post a comment yesterday, apparently it was rejected. Not sure why.
    Anyway, I love the template, much easier than all the complex measurements required. The only thing I would like is a set of step by step instructions, as there are some steps that are not obvious.
    Overall I am very happy with the results so far.
    Thanks, stay safe, and be kind.

  4. As a total novice, I decided to attempt to make one of these beautiful chairs. The local copy shop printed out the templates and i was away. After a few hours (ok, maybe more than a few) I now have a stunning piece of furniture for our deck. Starting on the second one to match.
    Thank you so much for giving out your plans and spreading the love.

  5. Hi I made a set of these a few years ago and saved the templates. I am struggling to remember how I cut the pieces that require the 30 degree angle – especially 1st seat piece and the back bottom support. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I couldn’t find directions for where to place the arms. Are the ends flush with the front support or is there some overlap? That’s important because that placement will affect the angle of the back. Can you help me with some suggestions? Thanks!

  7. Thank you very much for sharing your family plan for the chairs. I am about to start building the 2 first chairs. While building templates from your plan I came to realize that the 1 seat cut and the bottom back cut have an offset on the left side and the measurement might be off. I thought all the side measurements should add up to 5 – 1/4 and they are not. I decided to make the pieces fully symmetrical and made sure all the ide measurements add up to 5- 1/4″ I hope not to regret it.

  8. Do you have a rocker template that would go with these chairs? I have made a few of these and they are beautiful.

  9. Hi, my name is Boris i come from Slovenia.

    Im interested for making Adirondack chair.
    Can you tell me what is the thickness of the material which is used for the chair in mm ?

    And if it is the same thickness for all parts ?



  10. Built this Adirondack chair this past weekend with my son. A few more details in the instructions would be good. Knowing exactly how to position the arms and upper seat back were a particular challenge. We aced bolting the two leg pieces together by first drilling a single hole, installing the bolt loosely then, with the leg assembly lying flat we adjusted the legs so that the feet bottoms lined up with a board that was long enough to stretch between the two feet. This assured us that even while lying flat, the feet bottoms would be in the same plane.

    Gustavo Cardenas
    Montreal -Canada

  12. Just finished making two of these. Took the pdf. download of the templates and had them printed at a local printer. Only problem I had was you (and the templates call for both the upper curved back and the lower back to be cut at a 30 degree up angle. Only problem I found was that the lower portion is mounted onto the legs of the chair and the mounting location is already at an angle which creates a gap in the back of the chair mounting to the back brace. I had to sand down to the proper angle, which took a while. Other than that I worked it out with out having an fully functional wood shop. I have basic tools available.

  13. If you have a copy shop like Office Depot they can print the templates in black and white on the large paper for a couple of dollars. You also can use the measurements to make a template on a newspaper or large paper if a copy shop is not available.

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