A miniature fairy garden is certainly a stunning addition to your home. A tiny garden of this nature is a great way to highlight areas, both indoors and outdoors, and it is perfect for small spaces too.  

Or, create a mini fairy garden and use it as a unique birthday gift.

Without the need for much maintenance, a fairy garden is a simple way to have a little crafting fun, for you and the whole family. 

1. How to Start a Fairy Garden

Are you ready to create your own miniature garden paradise?

You’ll need small plants, natural materials like stones, pebbles, sand, rocks, a makeshift water feature, and tiny furniture – even doll furniture can work.

A beautiful fairy garden featuring a path made of circular log pieces, flowers, small bushes, a bird bath, and a tiny house with a moss-covered roof.

With the right combination of live plants and decorative elements, you can bring the magical world of a fairy garden to life. Just let your imagination take flight!

All you need is an idea, a few of the above ingredients, and a container to put your first fairy garden in. You could even use a plastic tray, a wooden box, or anything you have lying around at home.

Your first fairy garden is never going to be perfect, but it will get your creative juices flowing.  

Just make that start!

2. How to Make a Fairy Garden Affordably

Creating a fairy garden doesn’t have to break the bank!

Learn how to make a fairy garden affordably with simple materials like popsicle sticks, clay pots, and items from your local craft store.

A fairy garden of varying heights featuring small trees, succulents, a toadstool, and a bird house on top of a log with a moss-covered roof.  The garden itself is constructed in a regular garden pot.

Explore budget-friendly options for miniature houses and decorative items to transform any outdoor or indoor space into a whimsical wonderland. But before you even visit the craft store, look for inspiration in your home.

You are sure to find some good choices that will make your little garden look special. What about a doll miniature house as a fairy garden house?

Or a small flower pot to place your garden in? You could even use toy farm animals. Or go and see what you can find in your actual garden, like twigs, bark and pebbles, for example.

All of these are good ideas to make a start. 

3. How to Make a Fairy Garden (Indoor or Outdoor)

Whether you have a small garden or limited indoor space, learn how to make a fairy garden that fits your needs.

Explore indoor fairy garden ideas using miniature plants and tiny furniture, or discover how to design an outdoor fairy garden with flower beds, tree stumps, other natural landscapes, or even old, unused half barrels.

A fairy garden made in a half barrel. It features a sandy floor, flowers, a small pond, and two fairy houses, one of which has two stories and three fairies.

Let your imagination take flight as you create a magical oasis in any available space. Outdoors, you will find so many things you can use, from pine cones to moss.

A simple miniature house, an old wagon toy, a few other ingredients, and your imagination can make the most simple, yet beautiful fairy garden.

Outdoors, you will find so many things you can use, from pine cones to moss.

A simple miniature house, an old wagon toy, a few other ingredients, and your imagination can make the most simple, yet beautiful fairy garden that you’ll be proud of.

4. DIY Fairy Garden and Fairy House Tutorial

Dive into the world of DIY fairy gardens with step-by-step tutorials for creating enchanting fairy houses and miniature landscapes.

From using small clay pots as the garden structure to building tree-branched fairy homes, there are endless possibilities for bringing your fantasy world to life.

A fairy house finished with small pebbles, with a fairy sitting on its roof. The garden includes a table with a tea set, a fairy sitting on a log chair, a letter box, flowers, and a wooden archway.

For a fairy garden house, you could make use of a birdhouse.

Instead of keeping it as is, however, decorate it using pine needles, moss, pebbles, and whatever you can find in your garden. Make that the centerpiece of a fairy garden display, housed in a flower box, for example.

Now make a table using a thick strip of bark as the tabletop, and straight twigs of the same size as legs. Glue a larger, flat pebble to a smaller one to make a toadstool.

It will look spectacular if you paint it white with red dots! That’s a simple start, the rest is up to you!

5. Craft: Teacup Fairy Garden

Turn ordinary teacups into extraordinary miniature gardens with this fun and easy craft idea. 

A fairy garden constructed in a teacup with moss flooring, a stone saying "Fairy Garden,” a small chair with a frog sitting on it, a pot plant, and three toadstools.

Shop for tea cups from your local thrift shop and fill them with tiny plants, live moss, and decorative elements you can find at your local garden store or in your own garden.

Whether you’re making them as gifts or for your own enjoyment, teacup fairy gardens are always a winner!

6. Magical Lights in the Fairy Garden

Enchanting fairy lights can create a magical ambiance at night in any fairy garden.

A magical fairy garden at night which includes a bench, pebbles, small trees, and flowers of various kinds, all lit up by fairy lights.

Explore different lighting options and discover creative ways to incorporate them into your indoor and outdoor space.

From solar-powered fairy lights to LED string lights, add that distinctive touch of sparkle to your miniature garden paradise.

7. How to Make a Kid-Friendly Fairy Garden

Get the whole family involved in creating a kid-friendly fairy garden filled with wonder.

Choose child-safe materials and simple DIY projects like making miniature houses out of popsicle sticks or crafting a pebble path. Let your little ones’ creativity shine as they design their magical world.

A simple fairy garden for kids with pebbles, grass, a painted toadstool made from a rock, a small bucket and spade, a clay pond, and daisies.

Of course, if scissors and other tools are involved, you’ll need to supervise them at all times, but let them come up with ideas to make each kid’s fairy garden unique.

Start with the location for a fairy garden. This could be a hollow tree stump, a wheelbarrow, or perhaps a simple flower pot.

You can use materials from your garden to make various elements. For example, twigs can be hot-glued into a ladder form, crafting clay can make small pieces of furniture or toadstools, pebbles become a pathway and glass pebbles can form a river.

You’ll also need to decide on ground cover for the garden. Pine needles, moss, miniature daisies, miniature ivy, and creeping thyme are all excellent for this. 

8. How to Create a Fairy Garden

Transform any space into a fascinating fairy garden simply and effectively.

A fairy garden consisting of three separate garden pots, each with its own unique design. They are all connected by a log bridge, with the top garden including a fairy house, the middle garden a bench, and the bottom garden, a toadstool.

From choosing the right plants for good drainage to selecting decorative items that complement your theme, learn how to create a fairy garden that’s both beautiful and functional.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can bring the magic of the fairy realm to life in your own backyard.

9. How to Make a Fairy Garden in an Old Suitcase

Give new life to an old suitcase by repurposing it into a charming fairy garden.

Explore DIY fairy garden ideas using miniature plants, tiny furniture, and decorative elements to create a magical scene inside the suitcase.

A simple fairy garden consisting of moss, bushes, a plant, cobble stones, and a simple fairy house.

With a bit of creativity, some potting soil, and a few figurines of fairy babies, you can transform this unexpected container into an extremely unique showcase in your home.

If you are going to use proper plants, however, make sure you drill some drainage holes.

You don’t even need to use an old suitcase, you could use other containers. What about a massive outdoor fairy garden made from a galvanized tub?

The possibilities for unique containers are endless. 

10. DIY Miniature Watering Can Fairy Garden

Talking of a unique container for a fairy garden, add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space using a DIY watering can.

A fairy garden in a clay pot with a welcome sign, a rabbit sitting gon a stone, a fairy, and a path leading up to a fairy house, which is a tea pot.

Transform ordinary watering cans into magical planters for small-scale plants and flowers.

With a little imagination and some potting soil, you can create a charming focal point in your garden.

Another option with your watering can is to suspend it at an angle above some plants, and then use fairy lights running down from the spout to look like water trickling down.

It will look spectacular! 

11. How to Make a Layered Fairy Garden

By using various layers of natural landscapes, coupled with other elements, you can elevate the overall look of a fairy garden.

A layered fairy garden of four levels made from garden pots. The levels include various flowers, trees, and shrubbery, as well as a giraffe, gorilla, and tiger figurine that sits in the top section with taller leaves, which look like a jungle.

Explore different levels using flower pots, planting trays, tree branches, and small stone cottages purchased from your local garden store to create depth and visual interest.

With careful planning and placement, you can design a layered fairy garden that transports you to another world!

12. Charlie and Juliet Create a Fun Fairy Garden for Kids

From planting miniature gardens in old wheelbarrows to crafting tiny furniture out of craft sticks, Charlie and Juliet love to bring their fantasy world of fairy gardens to life.

With a little creativity and a lot of magic, anything is possible in the world of fairy gardens!

A fairy door placed against a tree trunk with circular wooden logs acting as a pathway to the door. A beautiful fairy stands outside amongst pebbles and flowers.

It doesn’t have to be overly complicated either. Look at the picture above for inspiration.

A few pieces of wood (you could use Jenga pieces), some string, paint, flowers, and ornaments, like the brass owl we’ve used, coupled with a well-thought-out location – we used a tree stump – and your fairy garden comes to life.

Of course, placing a fairy in the fairy garden just rounds things up beautifully.

13. How to Make a Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Turn an old wheelbarrow into a whimsical fairy garden that adds charm to any outdoor space.

A fairy garden, featuring various flowers and other plants constructed in a wheelbarrow. It also includes a wooden fence around the perimeter and a large fairy house.

Explore DIY fairy garden ideas using live plants, decorative items, and small-scale accessories to create a magical scene right inside the wheelbarrow. It’s a large area too, so you can expand the fairy garden, using a range of elements to make it pop.

With a bit of creativity and some potting soil, you can transform this unexpected container into a delightful focal point.

14. Step By Step: How to Make a Fairy Garden In a Pot

Follow step-by-step instructions to create a stunning fairy garden in a pot using miniature plants and decorative elements.

From selecting the right container to arranging various elements, learn how to design a fairy garden that fits perfectly in any available space.

With these easy-to-follow tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a magical miniature landscape in no time!

A fairy garden with various plants, large stones, colored pebbles, a toadstool, a letter box, and a small fairy house.

Step 1: Preparation is key

You cannot expect to have the perfect fairy garden if you don’t prepare properly. When it comes to preparation, you need to not only think location, location, location but also decide on a basic design for your fairy garden.

This includes what you’d like to put in it in terms of plants, ground cover, and ornaments, for example, as well as your preferred container. For this fairy garden, a pot is the container of choice because most people will have one lying around at home.

You also need gardening supplies, like potting soil, pebbles, and the tools you’ll use to build your fairy garden.

Step 2: Plan it to perfection

So coming up with a fairy garden can be spontaneous, and many people like to try that for their first attempt, but it’s far better to plan first.

Even if you aren’t good at drawing, making a simple illustration of your preferred layout will give you an idea of how your fairy garden will look. Or you can do a few designs and, from there, pick the one that you think is best.

Step 3: Time to plant

Once you’ve decided on the design that you like best, the construction of your fairy garden begins.

Start by preparing your ornaments. Some may need no preparation at all, a figurine of a fairy is a good example of this. But if you have a fairy house, you may need to paint it or spruce it up a little by placing ground moss on the roof, or walls. You may even want to build a house out of popsicle sticks. It’s really up to your own grand design!

Prepare the pot with potting soil, plant the various flowers and plants you’ve chosen, and cover the area with moss. Now place your ornaments and arrange them to create the perfect fairy garden. Don’t forget to give a fairy blessing once you’ve completed this step.

Step 4: Caring for your garden

Just like your regular garden outside, you need to care for your fairy garden. This means that when it’s completed, you should make sure you regularly water the garden but don’t overdo it.

Step 5: Regular maintenance

While you can keep your fairy garden as is, perhaps while you are out and about, you can look for little additions for it. It could be a simple dolls chair that you can add to the garden, or perhaps a new fairy figurine.

You will also need to trim your flowers and other plants as they grow.

15. This Beach Fairy Garden is a Mini Oasis

Escape to a seaside paradise with this beach-inspired fairy garden that’s both beautiful and enchanting.

Made in a square wooden container, this fairy garden depicts a beach scene with a camper van, three gnomes, a mermaid in the water as well as sea creatures, and a life preserver. The sea itself is made from sand that has been dyed blue, with clear blue pebbles depicting waves.

Explore DIY fairy garden ideas using natural materials like pebbles, seashells, and driftwood to create a miniature beach scene.

With a little creativity, you can design a coastal retreat that brings the magic of the beach to your backyard!

As you can see in our picture above, it’s not that difficult either.

Some beach sand can even be dyed blue to show the sea. Use cotton wool for waves, and don’t forget to find unique figurines for your beach scene. Perhaps it is a gnome trip to the beach, instead of fairies. It’s all up to your imagination.

16. How to Make a Fairy Garden in 4 Easy Steps!

Create your own fairy garden in just 4 easy steps!

From selecting the right plants for indoor use to adding decorative touches like fairy lights and pebble paths, learn how to design a fairy garden that’s both beautiful and low-maintenance.

With these easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be on your way to creating a magical miniature in the matter of a few hours!

Two small toadstool houses in small ceramic plates The houses belong to two gnomes who are both sitting in their gardens outside.

Step 1: Plan and design.

There are four important considerations for the first step to creating the perfect fairy garden. They are location, theme of your fairy garden, container the garden will be placed in, and the materials you will need.

Step 2: Preparing the container

Once you’ve completed the first step, it’s time to prepare your chosen container. A critical consideration is drainage, so you need to make sure that when you water your fairy garden, any excess fluid can drain away.

So if you are using a regular plant pot, for example, it might already have drainage holes in the bottom, but if it doesn’t, you can make your own by using a drill. Once you’ve done that, you can fill the container with potting soil. Distribute it evenly, and level it out, ready for the next step.

Step 3: Plant and decorate

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to take that fairy garden design that you have floating in your imagination and make it happen. Start by planting your chosen plants. Here, you can go with mini-herbs, moss, and succulents.

Don’t plant them too close together. You need to leave space for other ornaments, figurines, and pathways that you will place when you start to decorate your fairy garden.

Step 4: Care and maintenance

Your fairy garden journey is just beginning, because, you’ll have to care for your masterpiece just like you would any other garden.

Set up a watering schedule depending on the types of plants you have chosen. You’ll need to prune your plants too as they grow and clean your garden, depending on where it is positioned, but hey, dust gets everywhere!

Don’t forget that certain plants might need specific care depending on the season, so factor that into your care routine as well.

17. How to Make a Fairy Garden with a Pool

Add a splash of fun to your fairy garden with a miniature pool that’s perfect for fairies and their garden gnome friends.

A fairy garden that's predominately made up of plants. It does include a fence around the layered pots as well as a pool made from blue paint.

Explore ideas using water features like tiny ponds or decorative pools to create a magical oasis. With a little creativity, you can design an incredibly unique fairy garden.

For a simple pool, find a flat rock or stone and paint it blue. Then trace a circle on it using a coin, and paint it like a life preserver, as in the picture below.

You could even hollow out an area in the potting soil, secure it with clear plastic, and fill that with water to create a more lifelike example.

18. Easy Fairy Garden Spring Wreath Idea

Welcome the arrival of spring with an easy fairy garden spring wreath that’s full of charm.

A fairy garden made within a wreath that includes a simple door, gnomes, small pot plants, toadstools, and moss.

Create a whimsical fairy garden inside a wreath that you can place on your door come springtime.

With a few simple supplies and a little creativity, you can design a springtime masterpiece as pictured below.

19. How to Make a Fairy Garden Terrarium

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with a fairy garden terrarium. Explore a range of ideas using glass containers, live moss, and miniature plants to create a lush green landscape.

A fairy garden made within a terrarium. It includes a Happy Harvest sign, moss, soil, a tree with heart-shaped fruit, and a fairy sitting in the garden.

With a little imagination and some potting soil, you can design a terrarium that’s filled with fairy magic. To create one, you’ll follow the same processes that we’ve listed before.

You’d need to consider drainage, however, as you won’t be able to get the water out of the terrarium. For that reason, opt for plants that don’t need to be watered that often – succulents, for example.

In fact, if you have a lid on your terrarium, you’ll probably need to water it very little, as it will create its own sustaining ecosystem.

20. How to Make a Fairy Garden in 6 Easy Steps

Discover how to make a fairy garden in 6 easy steps!

A complex layered fairy garden includes a timber log fairy house at the very top. There are toadstools, various plants, two deer, and a small wheelbarrow.

Step 1: Inspiration and Planning

You might have an idea for a fairy garden already, but it doesn’t hurt to go online and look at gardens that other people have come up with.

Of course, you will need to plan everything properly too. Don’t just leave your ideas in your head. Write them down and refine them as you find more inspiration online, or at your local garden center.

Step 2: Choosing the best location and container

The location of your fairy garden is key. Is it going to be outside, or perhaps you want a small, whimsical garden for your home?

Take your time to find the best location, and consider things like wind, sunlight, and other factors, especially as this can impact how the garden grows and survives.

The right container is key as well. Starting out, you might go for something like a regular plant pot, but perhaps you have a hollow tree stump or something similar that could be the perfect location for a beautiful fairy garden.

Step 3: Get your materials and plants

As a part of the planning for your garden, you will have an excellent idea of the types of plants as well as the various materials you need to plant them – potting soil, for example.

You would also have decided on the figurines you’d like to place in your fairy garden as well as the other ornaments you’d prefer.

Now’s the time to go find them!

Step 4: Preparation and layout

To begin your fairy garden construction, you will need to prep the container. Make sure it has drainage holes so the excess water can drain away.

Fill the container with small pebbles at the bottom to help drainage, and then top it up with potting soil, the correct type to suit the plants you’ve chosen.

You can do a mock layout using pieces of paper that represent your plants, figurines, and other ornaments. Simply cut them to the right size, place them in your container and you will know exactly how much space you have to work with.

Step 5: Building and decorating your garden

Once you’ve come up with a layout that works, it’s time to start building and decorating your garden. This is the fun part!

Step 6: Caring for your garden

Just like a regular garden, you will have to take the time to care for your fairy garden. This includes keeping growing plants trimmed, cleaning ornaments, and watering when necessary.

21. Fairy Garden with a Circus Theme

Step right up to a world of laughter and wonder with a fairy garden inspired by the circus!

A circus fairy garden made in a garden pot which includes a Ferris wheel, a clown, two plant types, white flowers, and circus bunting.

Use tiny tents, circus animals, and colorful decorations to create a magical spectacle.

With a little creativity and a lot of imagination, you can design a fairy garden that’s as entertaining as it is enchanting.

And don’t forget the clowns!

22. Make a Magical Desktop Fairy Garden

If you want to make your workspace a little bit brighter, consider a small desktop fairy garden.

A fairy garden made in an old wicker basket. This includes two small gnome houses, toadstools, and various animals such as a squirrel, deer, and rabbit.

Here, you’ll follow the same design principles as with all the other fairy gardens we’ve looked at, but the container is the secret.

You’ll want something that doesn’t take up too much space on your desk, however.

A small basket, as pictured above, is a brilliant option, but you might have something lying around the house that you could use, such as a small plastic dish.

23. Let’s Build a Fairy Garden Table!

Gather your materials and let’s build a fairy garden table that’s perfect for outdoor or indoor enjoyment.

An adult and a child making a fairy garden together. It includes a soil-based floor, plants, a homemade fairy house made out of paper, figurines, and a colorful birdhouse.

An old table or even an unused wooden crate makes the perfect base for a fairy garden.

Prepare them as you would any other fairy garden, but you’d have to consider drainage options as well, especially if you are using plants that need to be watered often.

You could drill holes in the table, and place a drainage tray underneath if you are going to be watering often. Then, after you have watered, simply discard the excess water that drops into the tray.

When it comes to decorating a table fairy garden, you can fill it with miniature plants, tiny houses, and other decorative elements as you see fit.

24. DIY Fairy Garden Nightlight Craft Project

Light up the night with a DIY fairy garden nightlight that adds a touch of magic to any room.

A fairy garden terrarium made in a small glass jar with moss, flowers, a butterfly, and fairy lights.

You can use LED lights, miniature houses, and other decorative elements to create a glowing masterpiece that will provide an eye-catching highlight to any room.

Ideally, you’d want to place a fairy garden incorporating nightlights into a container, so simply follow our guide on how to make a fairy garden terrarium above, and then place your lights once it’s complete.

25. Creating Your Own Fairy Garden

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to the creativity that will inspire your fairy garden design.

A fairy garden with a toadstool home, a white pebble path, a push bike, and a bench and table made from wood.

The inspiration, however, is all around you. Above, we’ve used a beloved Radio Flyer wagon as the base for this magnificent fairy garden filled with pebbles, toadstools made from stones, homemade fencing, old toys, wood, bark, and plants, of course.

Just let your imagination run free!

26. DIY Dollar Store Fairy Garden Play Set

If you have a tight budget, the Dollar Store is a great place to find various parts of your fairy garden.

Here, you will find figurines, ornaments, as well as materials that can help you create a magical fairy garden on the tightest of budgets.

A fairy garden made in a glass bowl with various animals, a gnome, and two small fairy homes purchased from the dollar store.

With a little bit of creativity and a few dollars, you can create a fairy garden your kids will love!

27. Create Your Own Princess Fairy Garden

Every little girl loves a princess, and their moms too, no doubt!

Why not let the wonderful world of a princess be the inspiration for a fairy garden?

A fairy garden fit for a princess including a white pebble path to ornate doors, a prince standing in wait, and a beautiful pink camping tent with a fairy sitting next to it.

Ideas for this type of garden can include everything a princess loves, from doll tiaras to doll figurines. Create a magical kingdom fit for fairy princesses with a little glitter and a lot of imagination!

The rules are the same when creating this type of fairy garden, you’ll just want to change up the figurines and accessories to fit with the princess theme.

28. How to Make a Fairy Garden

We’ve covered so many ways to create a fairy garden, but you are bound to have a few of your own as well.

Two fairies in a simple fairy garden that includes their home, a bench constructed from wooden logs and painted white, and a pink pebble path.

When making your fairy garden, let your imagination run wild, but always remember what you have around the house that can make your task that little bit easier.

The most important things are a container for the fairy garden, a few ornaments or figures, potting soil, and plants, of course.

29. How to Build a DIY Fairy Garden in 3 Easy Steps!

You can create your fairy garden by following just three simple steps.

A large fairy garden guarded by two garden gnomes. The garden includes various plants and some rocks.

Step 1: Plan

Start by drawing your fairy garden layout, taking into consideration the container you’d prefer to use and the layout you’d like.

Make sure you have everything you need to pull off the perfect fairy garden, including all the plants, soil, crafting materials, ornaments, and whatever you’d prefer to put in it.

Step 2: Build

Now that you’ve got everything you need to make your fairy garden, construction begins.

Ensure that your container is able to drain any excess water, and always fill it with the correct potting soil based on the plants you’ve chosen.

Now bring that idea for the perfect fairy garden to life. Remember, there is no rush, the fairies want you to take your time and make the perfect garden for them.

Step 3: Maintain

A fairy garden will need maintenance from time to time. From pruning plants to cleaning off ornaments that collect dust, you have to put care into your fairy garden to make it look pristine at all times!

And don’t forget to establish a watering schedule.

30. DIY Fairy Garden with Kids

Why don’t you get your kids involved in building their own fairy garden?

A fairy garden made within a wooden barrel with moss covering for ground, a tiny fairy house, a lion, and a deer. The plants in the garden are succulents.

Follow all the same rules that we have outlined already, from planning and design, to building the fairy garden and maintaining it.

It can be an excellent family bonding experience, just like the fairies would want!

Fairy Garden Summary

We hope you’ve gained some inspiration from this blog post to tackle a fairy garden yourself. They really are so much fun to conceptualize, design, and build, and they’ll add a touch of magic to your home, that’s for sure!

Have fun!

An ornate purple and white door placed against a tree truck to look like an entrance to a fairy home.

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