Beautiful container gardens  are a wonderful way to add color, beauty and interest to your yard. Especially in areas where flowers are hard to keep growing through the entire summer a small container garden is the way to go.  I use containers around my home to add visual interest and color since keeping flowers blooming in my yard can become difficult in the hot Kansas sun. I also planted some containers this year and put a glass hurricane in the middle for the perfect outdoor flowering centerpiece.

beautiful container gardens

Tips for Beautiful Container Gardens

Pick an interesting planter.  I found this cool bowl at Lowes. I love the texture and the unsual shape for a container garden.

perfect container garden supplies

  • Choose plants that grow well in your area and for the location you are sitting the container garden.  This is really important!
  • Choose a good potting soil. I like a light weight soil that has additives to help retain moisture.
  • Build a perfect design. Choose a thriller, a spiller and a filler for your pot. You might have more than one of these for each pot, just make sure you have one of each in your pot.

beautiful container flowers

A thriller is a plant that is going to be the focal point. It can be something tall or a plant with an amazing colorful bloom.

A spiller will spill over the side of the container softening the look. I love sweet potato vine!

A filler will make the container look full and abundant.

How to plant beautiful container gardens

Before planting cover the drain hole with a coffee filter or a few rocks.  Water needs to drain from the pot, but you don’t want the potting soil to escape.

covering drain holes

Fill the pot with soil, leaving just enough room for the plants.  I  water the soil in the pot before placing plants.  The soil will settle down into the pot with the water and I want to make sure the plants are at the top of the container.  After watering you might need to fill the pot with more soil before placing the plants.

Be sure to lightly cut the roots to stimulate growth before placing in the pot.

container gardening tips

Using these simple tips will ensure beautiful container gardens all summer long! With proper care the containers get better and better as the flowers bloom and the plants spill over the edge. I can’t wait to see this one in a month!

how to plant container flowers

What a great way to add some color to your home.

beautiful planter

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