FREE Printable Family Tree Coloring Page

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    Learning about the family tree can be so much fun for children!  Young children especially love to see how the family tree is all connected.  Who is dad’s dad?  Who is mom’s mom?  Working with younger grades doesn’t require a bunch of genealogy research, and this free printable family tree is the perfect size to get you started!

    printable family tree coloring page

    Simple Family Tree Chart

    Get out the crayons and have some fun talking about your family history.  Each circle has a name, and each name has a great story or a funny memory attached to it!  This is a three generation family tree and has spots for just the basic family members–including the child.  It is not a detailed genealogy chart, but it is a perfect coloring page for kids. A family tree project is a great way for children to learn where they came from and who their ancestors are.  Kids love to hear the story of how mom and dad met, and what a great opportunity to learn a little more about grandparents and their special stories too.

    Family Tree Chartl

    Printable Blank Family Tree

    Download and print on white copy paper.  If you are looking for a more substantial keepsake it can be printed on heavier weight paper or even cardstock.  Heavier paper or cardstock is best if the child prefers markers for coloring. We like to use a mix of colored pencils and gel pens at our house. They provide lots of color and allows for small details.

    printable blank family tree



    I think the hand drawn faces on the tree are such a special touch, but a simple name (or both) will also make a fabulous display!

    family tree

    I hope that you will enjoy this coloring page.  I hope that it will provide you with an opportunity to have some sweet conversations about your family.  You might also like these free coloring pages for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents Day.  They make wonderful handmade gifts to give from a child.

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