How to Play Spoons is a quick, printable reference guide to teach or refresh players on how to play this fast and fun card game. All you need is a deck of cards, spoons, a score sheet, a pencil and up to 13 players to get started on the game of Spoons.

How to Play Spoons Card Game Printable Cheat Sheet
Printable Spoons Cheat Sheet

How many times have you needed a cheat sheet or simple instructions for games? Well, here at Skip to My Lou, I understand completely. So, look for more card games coming, and for now, check out 21 Questions Printable Game Cards and Family Games Tested and Approved.

What You Need to Play Spoons

  • One standard deck of cards (remove the Jokers)
  • Spoons (one LESS than the number of players, like Musical Chairs)
  • Paper and pencil for scorekeeping
  • A place to play where all players have equal access to grab spoons from the middle of the table or floor, wherever you decide to play

Printable SPoons Score Cards

Printable Score Cards for Spoons Card Game

Overview of The Spoons Card Game

Spoons is a Four-of-a-Kind/ Elimination game. In each round, players try to be the first to make a hand of 4 of a kind and grab a spoon. At the end of each round, the player who did not grab a spoon is out of the game. (OR for a longer game, the player gets a letter and the player who spells S-P-O-O-N-S is the loser.) The object of the game is to be the last player left with the last spoon. (Or for the longer version, the player with the fewest letters when the first player spells S-P-O-O-N-S.) The last player standing wins in both versions.

The Spoons game is a fun party game because it is very fast paced. So, this is why it is so much fun.

  • The dealer deals 4 cards to everyone,
  • The dealer picks the top card of the draw pile, looks at it, and discards one of their cards to the left.
  • The dealer draws again and passes the cards quickly to the left, so players must pay close attention as they are looking at their incoming card from the right, discarding to the left, trying to make 4 of a kind, AND watching to see if anyone has grabbed a spoon from the middle of the table.
  • The first player to make 4-of-a-kind grabs the first spoon and keeps on “playing”. As players realize this, they grab a spoon, too. .

There are a variety of ways to pull spoons from the pile; a sneaky pull or demonstrative grab are 2 that come to mind

History of Spoons

It appears that the game of Spoons arrived on the scene around 1990. There are several other games played like Spoons and from what I read, were probably created before Spoons. So, I found the game of Pig which originated in France, and the game of Donkey which originated in Malaysia.

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