I have always wanted a DIY gold Christmas tree! So this year I decided this was the year I was excited to give my painting idea a try.  It actually was easier than I thought! So easy in fact, a nine-year-old can do it.

 Nine year old girl spray painting a Christmas tree gold. DIY Gold Christmas Tree Tutorial. -Skip To My Lou
See How Easy it is to have a Gold Christmas Tree!

The sparkle of gold will enhance your Christmas tree. Paired with a beautiful garland and all your special ornaments your DIY gold Christmas tree will be a hit during this festive season!

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Spray paint makes many things possible! How easy it is to paint a tree whatever color will compliment your Christmas theme this year.

DIY Gold Christmas Tree Just a few Simple Steps

We used gold floral paint. We tried several different kinds of spray paint but this paint made especially for florals worked the best.

A can of floral design master brilliant gold spray paint held in front of a DIY gold Christmas tree.  -Skip To My Lou

To keep from painting the lights we put drinking straws over the lights. Moving them as we painted.

how to spray paint a christmas tree gold

Let your tree completely dry and decorate!

Decorated DIY gold Christmas Tree in front of three windows. -Skip To My Lou

I decorated our tree with ornaments collected through the years from places we have traveled and things we like to do. I was thrilled to be able to add to my collection at Michaels. My candy-loving daughter loved this gumball machine.

Gum Ball Machine Ornament hanging on the DIY gold Christmas tree. -Skip To My Lou

My son, born in Texas, needed Santa in a car with longhorns.

Texas Santa  in a car with longhorns Ornament hanging on the DIY gold Christmas tree.  -Skip To My Lou

More Christmas Decorating Ideas

Did you paint your tree GOLD? If not, You can help spread some holiday cheer by sharing a photo of your dream tree or any trees that inspire you this year.

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  1. I have a white tree that has just started to turn brown. I’m going to repaint it white next year and will use some gold as highlights to hide spots that don’t take the paint!

  2. I am doing one and taken 5 cans and I need two more one for a branch and one to touch up. So let’s say it cost $25 using coupons and going to the store every day to use the coupon. You can’t buy a tree for that price and have a color that matches your theme you can’t go wrong if you have the tree.

  3. 5 cans & counting need 2 more. Then I hope that does the job. I decided I would do aqua to match one of my Christmas themes.

  4. I have used 5 cans so far and down front and back of each branch have one set left to go and then touch.

  5. I was thinking the same thing…and the girl isn’t wearing a mask. What a bizarre project. Also, the tree looks dead in natural light. Only looks nice lit up inside, but I guess that’s how it will be enjoyed.

  6. This is a nice project, but thats A LOT of spray paint and toxins to spray into the air which destroy our o-zone layer 🙁

  7. One more question, did all the tree get covered with gold, because in the first picture it doesn’t appear so.

  8. Wow I am might just do this. As I am not going to use my old tree since I purchased a white one. I might just do a gold one for my gold theme. I do 6 different themes and I do one per year. I used the green on in addition to my white one, to put lei’s and umbrella’s on it. So hard decision, but I think the told would suit me better.

    How many cans of paint did you use for that big tree?

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. It’s great that your daughter helped out. I come from a professional painting background and would love to see you set an example for all your novice readers. I realize you’re outside painting, but she really should be wearing a mask so she doesn’t breathe in the fumes. For her health and others that want to do this tutorial. Thank you. Happy Holidays.

  10. This was a 7 ft tree and it took 4 cans. There are places I might have used more so 5 cans might be better. It dried quickly…..less than an hour.

  11. I love this so much. I thinking of trying it on our memory ornament tree. My question is how long did it take you to paint the whole tree and how many cans of paint did you use? Thank you for your time and your great ideas!

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