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Santa Face Ornaments

Posted by  ·  November 5, 2014  ·  Last Updated: June 3, 2016

It’s November and that means Christmas is coming.  Are you following my Holiday Bake Craft & Crochet Series? Yes, we have added crochet tutorials too! By the end of the month Thirty Handmade DaysYour Homebased Mom and I will have shared over 100 fabulous handmade gift tutorials.

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Hi, I’m Sabra from Sew a Straight Line.  I’ve been looking forward to Skip to My Lou’s Holiday Bake Craft Sew Crochet Along for months now!  I love all the fun, new ideas that are shared from so many amazing people.  Today I’m going to share a simple, quick tutorial and pattern to make folksy Santa Face ornaments.

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-1-4

My sister came up with this pattern almost 15 year ago, when she and I would get together to make homemade neighbor gifts and decorations right after I was married. She gave me permission to share it all with you.  These little ornaments look great on the tree, strung along a garland, added to gift wrap, or even as a little extra to a holiday table place-setting.  They are super fast to make, and use very little fabric.  When my sister and I first made these, we actually used old pajama pants!  They’re great for stash busting, and simple enough for even the most novice sewist.  The pattern and tutorial for the Santa Face pillows is up on my blog HERE.  But, first let’s make some Santa Face Ornaments!
a santa face ornaments sew a straight line-1
These ornaments are meant to look homey and folksy.  Perfection isn’t the goal.  So just have fun with them!

Materials Needed:

-scraps of Christmas-y fabrics (I used plaid flannel), at least 2 5″*5″pieces (so charm packs work great!)
-3″*3″ square of cotton muslin
-5″* 5″ white flet
-7″ strip of ribbon
-small bell
-embroidery floss in brown or black
-polyfill stuffing, or other stuffing material of you choice
-the pattern:

santa face ornaments sew a straight line pattern
The exact size of the ornament isn’t crucial.  This pattern should print out fully onto an 8*10 piece of paper.  I didn’t include a sizing square, because you can really print this any size you want!

Cut out pattern pieces
santa face ornaments sew a straight line-1
Lay the Face onto the Main Body, about 1.5-2 inches from the center top, and centered.  Stitch onto the body.  I used a blanket stitch on my sewing machine, but you could do this by hand or use another stitch on a machine.

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-3

Place the Beard onto the Face, near the bottom.  Again, there aren’t set placements.  Each Santa will look unique. Stitch onto the Main Body and the Face the same way as you did the Face piece.
santa face ornaments sew a straight line-4
Repeat for the Trim, placing it across the top of the Face.  There will be some overhang at both ends.

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-5
Using the embroidery floss, stitch two French knots or circles in the center of the face, for the eyes

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-6santa face ornaments sew a straight line-7

Fold the ribbon in half, place both raw edges at the top center of the Main Body, with the loop of the ribbon extending down.  Pin in place.

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-8

Right sides together, place the back Main Body with the front Main Body, matching raw edges.  Leave a gap at the bottom for turning and stuffing, and stitch around all the edges.  Make sure to go through all the layers at the top: Main Body pieces and the ribbon.  Trim the overhanging Trim at this point.

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-9 santa face ornaments sew a straight line-10

Pull the Santa right-side-out through the gap in the stitching.  The ribbon helps at this point.  Reach in and grab it, and you should be able to just pull the whole thing out that way.  Push out the corners.

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-11santa face ornaments sew a straight line-12

Stuff through the gap, as full as you want.  I stuffed my Santas pretty full.

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-13

Fold the gap in on itself, and stitch closed.  You can handstitch for a clean finish, or I just topstitched on my machine.

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-14

Use embroidery floss to sew the bell onto the top of the “hat”/Main Body

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-15santa face ornaments sew a straight line-17

To finish my Santas off, I used a watercolor pencil to add rosey cheeks.

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-1
And that’s it!  Now, make half a dozen more!

santa face ornaments sew a straight line-2-2santa face ornaments sew a straight line-1-2
Don’t forget to grab the pattern for the pillows on my blog, Sew a Straight Line HERE!
a santa face pillows sew a straight line-1

Sabra blogs at Sew a Straight Line.
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