Button Christmas Tree Pendant

    Posted by  ·  November 26, 2016

    This Button Christmas Tree pendant can also double as an ornament to hang on your tree. This project was originally published as part of our Buttonware book – creative projects all using buttons from apparel to accessories! Enjoy! We at Indygo Junction are so happy to be able to partner with Skip to My Lou again this year to bring you a fun handmade holiday gift. Don’t miss yesterdays great tutorial on how to make a doll blanket! These handmade gift ideas will make the best holiday gifts ever.


     Button Christmas Tree pendant


    1 purchased cord necklace

    1 shanked button for tree base

    5 green buttons of graduated sizes


    4 green 4mm beads

    1 red crystal bead, 8 mm, for top of tree

    1 necklace end clamp set (including end chain and clasp) – unless you plan to create an ornament then this isn’t needed

    24 gauge wire



    Tool Box

    Chain nose jeweler’s pliers

    Fabri-Tac fabric glue

    Wire cutters



    1. Cut 12 inches of wire and fold the wire in half. Thread shanked button to the middle of the wire.


    1. Thread the largest button on the wire. Run wires through separate holes. Bring both wires together. Pull tight and twist twice.


    1. Thread both wires through a bead.


    1. Thread the next size button on the wire, running both wires through one hole. This will give the tree a bit of whimsical movement.




    1. Repeat steps 3 and 4.


    1. Thread red bead on both wires.


    7.. Twist wires together. Form a loop (for cord and clasp to run through). Grasp loop with pliers and wrap wire tail around stem between bead and loop. Trim excess wrapping wire with

    wire cutters.




    1. Thread the tree onto the cord necklace.


    I hope you enjoyed creating the simple, quick and easy ornament/pendant. Here is a link to download the christmas tree button pendant pdf. Thanks!


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