The diamond stitch crochet pattern creates a beautiful texture with a treble crochet layer on top of double and single crochets. 

It’s a simple combination of knits that’s full of texture – great for making thick and warm clothing such as sweaters and winter hats. It’s also very absorbent and great for dishcloths or facecloths. 

You might also know it as the diamond waffle stitch. When it comes to crochet technique, it’s perfect for learning how to work with stitch posts to create a nice, straight stitch. 

With a simple four-row repeat, you’ll quickly memorize this stitch and make something special in no time. And there’s no need for stitch diagrams; we’ve got clear photos. So let’s get your next knitting project started!

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This diamond stitch pattern tutorial is designed for those with intermediate to advanced crochet skills – so this isn’t an easy-level project. In addition to standard crochet stitches, you’ll need to know how to drop rows, work in front posts, and split stitches. The pattern follows a four-row repeat.

Now, let’s begin our pattern instructions for creating this beautiful stitch, starting with the foundation chain.

How To Make a Diamond Stitch: Step-By-Step

First, grab these materials:

  • Crochet hook: Our crochet hook guide will help you choose the right hook size or mm crochet hook
  • Yarn: Pick your favorite color
  • Scissors: For snipping your yarn when finished
  • Darning needle: To finish off your ends


Step 1: Foundation Chain

To begin, crochet your desired number of chain stitches to create a foundation chain. This depends on the quilt panel size, or whatever the intended size is of your project. 

For the diamond crochet stitch, you need a multiple of 4 stitches plus 3. Single crochet in the second chain stitch from the hook and in each chain to the end.

Row two is made of double crochet stitches. Chain two, turn, and double crochet in each stitch to the end. You can also use a row of single crochets if preferred. 

Step 2: The Front Post 2 Together Stitch

To create the diamond pattern, we’ll use the front post 2 together (FPTC2Tog) stitch. This might sound intimidating, but with a bit of patience and attention to the following pictures, you’ll master it in no time.

Think of this stitch as having two legs of these post stitch rows, joined at the top. 

To start, yarn over twice.

Step 1.1 – Yarn over twice.
Yarn over twice

Then insert the hook around the post of the stitch two rows below.

Step 1.2 – Insert hook around post two rows below
Insert hook around the post of the stitch two rows below

Now yarn over once.

Step 1.3 – Yarn over once
Notice the yarn wrapped around the end of the hook

And pull the yarn through, leaving four loops on your hook.

Step 1.4 – Pull through, leaving four loops 
Four loops left on the hook

Yarn over again and pull through two loops. You’ll now have three loops on your hook.

Step 1.5 – Pull through two loops, leaving three loops
Three loops remaining on the hook 

Once again, yarn over and pull through the first two loops. This should then leave you with two loops on your hook.

Step 1.6 – Yarn over and pull through first two loops, leaving two loops 
Two loops left on the hook

Step 2: Second Leg

Now it’s time for the second leg, so yarn over twice to begin. 

Step 2.1 – Yarn over twice to begin
Yarn over twice to start the second leg

Work from front to back around the posts of the next stitch, two rows below.

Insert your hook into the same single crochet in the previous row where you just worked, bringing the post to the front.

Step 2.2 – Bring the post to the front
Bring the post to the front

Yarn over.

Step 2.3 – Yarn over
Yarn over

Then pull the yarn through two loops to leave five stitches on your hook.

Step 2.4 – Pull yarn through two loops leaving five stitches
Leave five stitches on your hook

Yarn over and pull through two loops.

Step 2.5 – Yarn over and pull through two loops
Pull through two loops

Then yarn over and pull through all the remaining three loops. 

Step 2.6 – Yarn over and pull through the remaining loops
The remaining three loops

You should now notice the ‘legs’ are now joined.

Step 2.7 – Join the legs
The joined legs form a diamond shape

Step 3: Add Double Crochet Row

The next step is to create a new double crochet row. Chain two, turn your project, and double crochet in every stitch to the last stitch. 

Step 3.1 – Double crochet row
Starting the double crochet row
Step 3.2 – Halfway through the double crochet row
Look at this elegant design

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