Need a cute way to package those popular delicious cocoa bombs? I’ve created the cutest cocoa bomb packaging for all the holidays, Just download and print this cocoa bomb packaging printable, add the cocoa bomb, and you’re all set to make someone feel special.

packaged cocoa bomb in teal cup with homemade cocoa bombs around
Cocoa Bomb Packaging

How fun it is to make something to give! If you love sharing a bit of yourself from your kitchen you might like these edible gifts to make.

Supplies to Package Cocoa Bombs

These printables will help you wrap up your cocoa bombs to look like they came from a boutique. A cocoa bomb makes a yummy gift to give a friend, and I think handmade gifs make a friend feel extra loved.

Here is What you Need:

A tip about bags. I found these 4″ x 4″ cellophane bags on Amazon (affiliate link) and think they would work. I was able to find the ones I used at my local craft store. The bags just need to be large enough to hold a 3″ X 3″ square and long enough to tie with a ribbon.

How to Make Cocoa Bombs

See how to make the bombs. You can follow the same process but use high-quality (wax-free) candy coating to coat the silicone molds.

I’ve also included easy-to-follow instructions on how to make cocoa bombs below.

  1. If using candy coating melt very slowly in the microwave at 30-second intervals stirring after each. When there are still small pieces of candy that haven’t melted, be patient and stir to distribute heat and finish melting. This prevents overheating and keeps your candy nice and smooth. Melting the candy coating slowly also helps it release from the mold and to stay shiny.
  2. Paint the candy coating in the molds. It doesn’t have to be too thick, just make sure you can’t see the mold through the candy coating.
  3. Allow to harden and then peel the mold away from the candy. I put my mold in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to speed the drying time.
  4. Fill half the mold with hot chocolate mix and miniature marshmallows (optional) Look on your hot chocolate package to know how much to add for 1 cup of hot chocolate.
  5. Take the other half of the mold and melt the edge of the mold on a hot plate or skillet. Be careful this takes just a second. Place the mold halves together.
  6. Wrap!

How to Package Cocoa Bombs

It really is to wrap your cocoa bombs beautifully. First, download the printable. Print in color on white cardstock. Be sure to print the actual size. Cut out the labels.

free cocoa bomb packaging printable in tea and one in gold

There is also a Happy Holidays option in two sizes. Just choose which page to print when you open the PDF file. You will find the link above in the supply list.

happy holidays cocoa bomb printable

With a dull knife lightly score where the card-stock should fold to make it fold easier.

cocoa bombs sitting in folded printable before wrapping in cellophane bag

You have two color options burgundy and gold and…

packaged cocoa bomb with printable label and cellophane bag with cocoa bomb topped with gold sanding sugar

red and teal.

packaged cocoa bomb with white chocolate cocoa bomb topped with peppermint pieces sitting beside

On the back of each label, you will find a little greeting and instructions for how to use the cocoa bomb on the bottom.

back of cocoa bomb packaging that says merry christmas

What a fun and useful gift to help friends feel cozy at home.

packaged cocoa bomb sitting in red teal mug with red paper shreds

A fun mug makes it even more special. My daughter is going to make cocoa bombs for all her friends.

teal mug with homemade coco bomb packaged with printable label in cello bag and tied with red and white twine

Have you made cocoa bombs? Do share your tips!

Valentines Day Packaging

Now you can give your friends something special for Valentine’s Day. What a sweet treat. Just download the PDF file and print it in color on white cardstock.

Cocoa Bomb Packaging for Valentine’s Day

cocoa bomb in red and white Valentine's Day Packaging

Fall Packaging

Cocoa Bomb Packaging for Thanksgiving

so very thankful packaging for cocoa bomb

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