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Bunny Origami

Posted by  ·  April 18, 2019  ·  Last Updated: April 18, 2019

This bunny origami couldn’t be any cuter (or easier) thanks to printable origami paper.

If you love paper crafts be sure to see my paper fortune tellers. They are a simple origami project kids love! I also have step by step instruction for one of the most traditional origami models, the origami crane.

You are going to love how simple this project is ….. mess free and all you need is the printed piece of paper. If you don’t have a printer no worries. Start with a square piece of paper and follow the folding steps. When you are finished with all the folds draw on the facial features. Your bunnies will have so much personality.

printable origami bunny eyes closed

How do you make an origami bunny face?

Let me show you how to make an origami bunny face!  Download and print in color on thin copy paper.  Cut out the bunny making a sheet of square paper.

———->>>  Bunny PDF Downloa (both files are included — eyes open and eyes closed)


printable origami bunny paper

Now follow the steps to see how to fold the bunny.  First, fold the paper in half.

fold bunny in half

Flip the paper over and fold up the bottom on the dotted line.

flip over paper folding up ear

Fold the bottom edge up to the top center.

fold up origami bunny ear

Repeat on the other side.

both ears folded up

Fold up the bottom piece up along the dotted line. This will make the cute origami rabbit stand up.

corner folded up on back

Flip the bunny over.  Fold the top of the head down on the front of the bunny. TaDa!

top of bunny head folded down

These bunnies are a great way to entertain kids during Easter dinner.

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