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10 Simple May Day Baskets to Celebrate May Day

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Make simple May Day Baskets with these 10 How To Tutorials.  So grab some supplies and get ready for fun!  This is one of our most loved family traditions!  It is super easy to Celebrate May Day with these easy to make May Day Baskets and you will be so glad you did!

10 May Day Baskets To Make

What is May Day?

In some parts of the United States, May Baskets are made for May Day, a celebration of Spring. May Day Baskets are small baskets usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rings the bell and runs away. We call it the ding and dash!

How to make a May Day Basket

May Day Baskets can be as simple as you like. Most baskets are made from a piece of paper rolled into a cone shape. Here is a printable May Day Basket template complete with a gift tag

Printable May Day Basket Template

May Day Basket Template

Fashion a basket out of paper! These little baskets are the perfect size for a cupcake with a candy flower topper!

How to make a paper basket

paper basket tutorial

Some years because of the weather, flowers might be hard to come by. If you find yourself in this situation and need something last minute to celebrate May Day  print this May Basket on some fancy scrapbook paper and make homemade flowers with candy centers!

Last Minute Printable May Day Basket

printable May Day Basket

Fill a unique container full of flowers and attach a poem for a darling May Day Basket Idea.

May Day Poem

May Day Basket with free May Day Poem

A tin can makes a great recycled May Day Basket. The larger cans (like spaghetti sauce comes in) are the perfect size for holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Drill a hole in each side of the can at the top and add a wire handle.

Recycled May Day Basket

Recycled Container May Day Basket

Another up-cycled craft for May Day is to use take out drink holders for your basket. Kids will have fun decorating the cardboard containers. These drink holders are perfect for holding some potted bedding plants, another great solution if you find your flower supply limited! Hot glue miniature candy bars to flower picks to make the basket extra sweet!

Up-cycled Drink Holder May Day Basket

Drink Container May Day Basket

You can even fold up paper to make your own May Day Basket!

How to make a paper folded basket

paper folded may day basket

How about turning candy into butterflies and worms to adorn your May Day Basket? This recycled can has a beautiful wrapper that any child can decorate! No flowers? No problem! Hot glue a seed packet to a stick and they can grow their own!

How to make candy bugs for you May Day Basket

how to make a may day basket with candy bugs

Baskets purchased from the Dollar Store can make great May Day baskets!

Inexpensive Ideas for May Day Baskets

May Day Basket Idea

There is still time to celebrate May Day! These little flower pot wraps will make a last minute May Day Basket! Gather a few supplies and you will be ready to “ding and dash” and spread some May Day cheer.

How to make a decorative cover for a flower container

How to make a May Day Basket



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