These vintage-looking chenille leprechauns are a must-have party favor for your St. Patrick’s day celebrations. they are easy to create, and I have included an adorable free printable hat to top off your vintage leprechaun. I turned my daughter’s class into leprechauns and you imagine the laughs!

This Cream-Filled Chocolate Cupcake recipe is to die for. And, these Easter Basket cupcakes will be needed soon too!

Supplies to make Leprechaun Cupcake Toppers

  • Chenille stems (the kind with bumps)
  • small pictures for the faces (I enlarged my daughter’s classroom picture on a copier)
  • wire
  • shamrock stickers
  • hot glue gun


How to make Chenille Leprechaun Dolls

Download Leprechaun Hat Printable.

Print the leprechaun hat pdf in color on white card stock.

For each doll, you will need two pieces of chenille stem (one with one bump and one with two bumps).

Fold longer piece in half.

Slip a short piece in the middle.

Twist the folded chenille stem above and below the short piece to hold the short piece in place.

Bend up ends to create tiny hands and feet.

Glue the hat to the face and the shamrock to a short piece of wire. Glue these pieces to the body. Glue a toothpick to one leg.

Stick the friendly leprechauns into cupcakes!

Have you seen anything so cute? They are fun for class parties, but what laugh adults would have too! Check out more St. Patrick’s day fun:

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  1. So sweet–love this! Cute for all the holidays. Great tutorial–
    Stop over and link up at my party if you have time-

  2. Happy St Patrick’s Day from N Ireland – these are very cute, and I’m glad you did the step by step guide to creating the bodies!

  3. These are so cute! Thinking of doing same concept for Easter with some pastel stems make soem eggs shapes with arms and legs and put pics on 🙂 PS my brothers Bday was St. Pats Day too!

  4. Too stinkin’ cute! My daughter’s class would have loved that! Makes my rainbow cupcakes look el- lamo! Speaking of being lame… why can I not figure out how to follow you on here??

  5. Those are so cute! I could see making something like that for several holiadys! Thanks for the idea.

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