St. Patrick’s Day Word Search puzzles feature two different sets of words to find. There are more than 15 words to find on each puzzle and you will probably learn some new Irish words, too!

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Visual of St. Patrick's Day Word Search Puzzle
St Patrick’s Day Word Search Printable

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Word search supplies

  • PDFs, there are 2 different pdfs
  • copy paper or card stock (your choice)
  • color cartridge for printer for first word search
  • black ink cartridge
  • pencil, pen, marker- your choice

St. Patrick’s Word Search info

We have highlighted 6 words from the Word Search worksheet to give you some background information.

Skyfest is the name of large fireworks shows that take place in Ireland as part of Saint Patrick’s Festivals.

The name of a three-leaf clover is trefoil. (Those delicious, buttery Girl Scout cookies were named after the shape of a three-leaf clover!) The trefoil knot is the Celtic symbol of unity and unbroken bonds. The Christian Trefoil Knot symbolizes the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In ancient times, 3 BC, Celtic beliefs were Ireland’s beliefs. Druids were the teachers, priests and judges in the Celtic system. Dagda was one of many Celtic gods and he was considered a good god. Back then, the word Celtic was pronounced with a soft sound like “sell-tick.” Today, Celtic is pronounced with a hard sound like “kell-tick.”

A shillelagh is an Irish walking stick used for walking and fighting. It is pronounced “shil-AY-lee”.

And did you know that Leprechauns are not the only magical, mischievous creatures in Ireland? There are Cluricauns, too! These mischievous little fairies are small in size and are usually found in pubs, breweries, and wine cellars!

more free printable st patrick’s day activities

Besides the free printable St. Patrick’s Day Word Search above, here are some more ideas to make your celebration fun for all!

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