Shake and Pour Pancakes Recipe

    Posted by  ·  December 24, 2014

    If need a super last minute gift that will give the recipient a hassle free morning these shake and pour pancakes are perfect.  I even have a free printable label. All the ingredients can be found right at the grocery store. If you like a little more spice in your pancakes, my cinnamon shake and pour pancakes are just as easy to make. Gifts in a jar are easy to assemble and make great homemade gifts.

    shake and pour pancakes recipe

    This recipe calls for the usual pancake ingredients like flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt but to make it so one just needs to add water I have used powdered egg replacer and powdered buttermilk.

    shake and pour pancakes ingredients

    Assembling this pancake mix is a breeze when using a canning funnel to get all the ingredients in the jar!  This recipe is included on the label printable.

    Shake and Pour Pancakes Recipe

    In 1 quart regular mouth canning  jar place:


    1 1/2 cup flour
    3 tablespoon sugar
    1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
    3/4 teaspoon baking soda
    1/4 salt
    2 teaspoons powdered egg replacer
    6 Tablespoons powdered buttermilk


    how to make shake and pour pancakes

    Download and print the free printable labels on a solid sheet of sticker paper.

    Free Printable Shake and Pour Pancakes Label

    shake and pour pancakes free printable labels

    Cut out labels and attach to jar. A circle punch will easily cut out the mixing directions label for the top of the jar.

    DIY shake and pour pancakes

    Add a ribbon to the lid and you have a useful gift!

    shake and pour pancakes

    Your friend will be able to enjoy delicious buttermilk pancakes for breakfast and will have only had to add water to make them!

    buttermilk shake and pour pancakes

    Also enjoy these yummy make ahead breakfast recipes and this whole wheat and flax pancake recipe.

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    1. Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
      Has anyone been able to print the labels correctly? My label prints but there is a cut out section where the word Pancake should be. I have tried many, many times on different pins to print the labels. No luck.
      • Cindy
        Saturday, November 19th, 2016
        Make sure you adobe and a recent version. I just printed them out again to make sure they are still working and mine printed fine. You also could email the file to your local copy shop and ask them to print on 1 up (solid sheet) of sticky label paper. This will get you the best copy.
    2. Maree Ross
      Thursday, January 7th, 2016
      Thanks for this - definitely going to make these for presents. Could you add a vanilla bean to the mix?
    3. Mary Ann
      Saturday, December 12th, 2015
      Thanks for the great idea!
      Do you print at home? What printer do you have? I just broke mine and am looking for a good one in a reasonable price range. Your suggestions would be appreciated.
    4. Dee
      Thursday, November 26th, 2015
      Hey, what if I can't find the egg replacement stuff. Can you add real eggs instead? hanks!
    5. Marcia Rash
      Friday, September 11th, 2015
      So your refrigerator comment confused me...can it sit out, in it's dry form?
      • Sunday, September 13th, 2015
        Marcia, I let ours sit out. I just felt I needed to mention that on the side of the powdered buttermilk can it says refrigerate after opening
    6. Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
      I have left mine out a couple of days and it seemed fine. I keep my powdered buttermilk in the refrigerator also. If I wasn't going to use right away I would stick it in the refrigerator to be safe.
    7. Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
      oops sorry the link is now there.
    8. Donna
      Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
      Hi Thank you for the idea and the free printable. I do not see a link for downloading the printable. Can you point me to it? Thank you.
    9. bonnie
      Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
      Where can I download the labels at! Great Idea!
    10. Denise
      Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
      I like this idea. Does the mix need to be refrigerated or can it be stored at room temperature? I ask because I always keep my buttermilk powder in the fridge.
    11. Andra
      Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
      I don't see a link to the printable?? Can I get that please?