Teaching kids to sew is easier than you think, even if you don’t sew yourself.  Sewing is a skill that can bring loads of joy and personal satisfaction—a huge confidence builder for sure! From practice sheets to beginner projects, learning to sew can be fun. These ideas will help you get started!

child holding diy pillow

Learning To Sew!

A couple of weeks ago Bella, my 7 year old daughter, spent the night at a friend’s house. This little friend had received a sewing machine for Christmas.

The mom said that well past 10:00 p.m. she could hear the hum of the machine in the basement. The little girls were creating “clothes” for their dolls out of little pieces of fabric and simple straight stitches. Sure, they weren’t perfect, and some might not even qualify as clothes, but they were having fun and being creative—how wonderful!

My friend, assuming that since I sew and have this crafty blog, that I, of course, had taken the time to teach my daughter. She said to Bella, “I bet you sew at home.” Bella replied, “No, my mom is too busy!” OH MY, shot to the heart!

While her response was a bit embarrassing (mostly sad), it was also eye-opening! I knew what I needed (wanted) to do!

kids sewing projects

Passing on the Gift of Sewing

Sewing is something that I love and I am beyond thankful that my mom took the time to share it with me. It has not only has brought me hours of joy. It has also been a practical skill that has served me well. Thank you, mom!

I want to pass this gift forward. So today, I begin a little sewing adventure with Bella. I don’t want to miss this opportunity to share something with her that is so important and useful to me!

To make it fun and stress free, I have created several beginning sewing projects for us, and I hope you and your young crafter will join us in this learning adventure. Please show us what you are making, and give us ideas of things to make!

We would love to hear your tips and stories, and please feel free to ask questions! I do sincerely hope that you will share this special time with us. So grab a kid and let’s get stitching! It is easy to have a sewing class right at home.

sewing on baby lock sewing machine

Teaching Children to Sew (Worksheets)

First, even before we wound the bobbin and threaded the machine, was have some fun. I printed out a maze and dot-to-dot so Bella could practice handling the machine. Then we situated her at the table and I showed her how to use the foot pedal and bring the needle down.

These sheets really help improve working in a straight line, lining up the needle, and they provide practice with changing direction and feeding the material in smoothly. You might also like these inspirational practice sewing sheets.

Bella loved the dot-to-dot and trying out new stitches around the maze. Both these activities helped her learn to make the machine stop and go, to stitch straight and make a pivot stitch. The practice sheets are a great idea for low-stress, basic sewing experience. If you mess up a stitch, there’s no pressure, and no need to cut the thread or start over.

As she practiced, Bella became an expert at lowering the needle down into the paper and raising the presser foot to turn a corner and make a pivot. Notice her complete concentration.

Do you remember the first time you sat with your mother or grandmother and learned to sew? How about the first time you tried threading a needle and pushing the needle through the fabric? I can still remember the pincushion and sewing supplies my mom had stashed away. These are memories that last a lifetime. You are creating wonderful memories!

DIY sewn doll kids sewing project

She thought it was funny what shape the dot-to-dot made. Shhhhh, we can’t tell! Oh how I have loved teaching her to sew.

Here are the sheets we used if you would like to have some fun! Download and print using the fit-to-page mode. Print as many copies as you need to, and watch your little one refine their skills.

Dot-to-Dot Sewing Sheet

printable dot to dot sewing shee

Maze Sewing Sheet

printable maze sewing sheets

We have more practice sewing sheets: Free Printable Practice Sewing Sheets

ultimate power tool sewing sheet

My Favorite Sewing Tools

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Sewing Projects for Kids

Finally, I want to leave you with some resources to check out! We have so many easy sewing projects to help your children develop their sewing skills. From toys and ornaments to pillows and functional projects, something in this list is sure to spark inspiration.

Tell us what you and your kids liked the most. What projects have you tried? Are there other cute ideas for introductory machine sewing that you have discovered? Please share your sewing tips for teaching kids in the comments!

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  1. It is heart warming to see the interest that parents (I certainly hope that Fathers are involved in sewing with children also) have taken up in encouraging their children to do activities that are fun, useful and
    future profitable. I am a wife, mother and grandmother (nieces & nephews) and I will attest to being over 73.

    I can remember sitting on the stool next to my foster mother sewing buttons on a piece of material and then later at another home a wonderful neighbor named Mrs. Moxley took my interest to a higher level. I had picked out a Butterick pattern beyond my ability and she took me under her wing and the rest is history.

    So when my 5 year old grand-daughter Violet showed interest in the sewing her mother and I were doing,(and some talent for so young) I knew this Christmas was the time. I only wanted to get her a machine that would not dull her enthusiasm. So my advise is buy to size, but buy good. And maybe a design that is perky, like Hello Kitty.

    Thank you for the opportunity to reminisce. And by the way sewing is not the only way to go. I bought my older grand-daughter a wood burning set with additional tools. And, again not a toy but quality. You see her Pop-Pop makes wood crafts and he is happy too.

    Best Christmas Ever.

  2. This always keeps running thru my mind. The times my kids have approached me to teach them has been when I’m on a right timeline rushing to finish a paid project. Later when I’m ready, they don’t show as much interest. But I do believe it’s en essential skill. Specially for my little one that’s looks like she got stuck with the petiteness of her momma. I’m glad to have these pages since I didn’t know where to start. I too will have to post regularly on their progress. Thanks!

  3. I have just got the idea after finishing my craft room that I should have classes for sewing. And the idea is coming true. I start giving classes in the spring. I am working on the lessons as we speck. My near ours love the idea of the class and your paper patterns for the bigginers is a good way to start. That’s the way I learned when I was a kid of 7 yrs. Old.thank you for showing others how to get started. I’m not technically savey. So I had no idea how to put a sighot like this together.

  4. I have just got the idea after finishing my craft room that I should have classes for sewing. And the idea is coming true. I start giving classes in the spring. I am working on the lessons as we speck. My near ours love the idea of the class and your paper patterns for the bigginers is a good way to start. That’s the way I learned when I was a kid of 7 yrs. Old.

  5. My daughter loves to sew. She started making key fobs a few months ago. I opened and etsy shop for her and it’s been a huge hit!! Such a good learning experience for a 9 year old!!!

  6. Hi to every one, tthe contents preaent aat this web page are actually remarkable
    for pedople knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

  7. I’m so glad I found your post. Using the paper line templates is exactly how I learned to guide a sewing project, however I was a freshman in high school before I ever set down at a sewing machine. My mother sewed but she never enjoyed it so she didn’t teach me. Since that year in high school I have been a seamstress and then about 45 yrs ago I began to quilt and still do as much as possible. I have a 4 yr old granddaughter who has already asked me to teach her, so when I had the opportunity to purchase a second antique Singer Featherweight I bought it for her. I wanted to ask how old your daughter is? so I can gage how soon I should start Brooklyn.

  8. I would like to get your activities for kids on sewing machine printed but cannot get it…Can you please help me as I’m doing this for my g.granddaughter as she want learn how to sew…Also I would like to be on you mailing list but can’t get thru…Thank you very much..God blessed…

  9. Thanks so much for these templates and ideas. 7 year old granddaughter Lily has used the templates, first without the footpedal using just start/stop button, then with the pedal and managed fine. Last week she visited again and made several bookmarks which will be part of gifts for her teachers at Christmas.

    Your photos are great, and the downloads so clear. Really appreciated! Valerie in Kent, England.

  10. I would like to get my granddaughter sewing…do you print the sewing sheets on regular paper? Thank you.

  11. Found you on Pinterest a long while back, printed the sheets months ago and finally had a free day (i.e. patient & calm mommy with no birthday parties/soccer games ect.) to do these. My 9 year old has been begging me to sew on the machine and was OVER the moon thrilled to do these sheets today. Thank you so much for creating and sharing!!!!! She is as proud of herself sewing the paper as she would be making a pillow 🙂
    Would love to see more~ thanks again!!

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