No Sew Witch Costume

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    Just a few supplies and a couple pre-made items and you can have the cutest witch on the block. We love dressing up for Halloween at our house. We especially love a good family costume. Be sure to see our favorite costumes. This year Bella wanted to be a witch and Michael’s Arts & Crafts challenged me to make a Halloween costume from supplies at their store. So a witch it is!
    no sew witch costume skiptomylou

    To make this costume purchase a witch hat, socks and broom.

    witch hat and socks Michaels

    Complement these items with a t-shirt turned into a vest  embellished with eyelets and ribbon.  Spools of tule and a Halloween table runner make the spooky skirt.

    How to make a vest from a t-shirt

    Lay t-shirt out flat.

    t-shirt to vest tutorial

    Cut off sleeves and shorten the shirt if necessary.  Leave extra length to trim points in the front of the vest at the end.


    Cut a slit up the front of the shirt.

    t-shirt to vest cut center

    Cut each side of the neck at an angle.

    t-shirt to vest cut neck

    Grab an eyelet tool and 8 sets of eyelets.  Fold each side of the front of the shirt under about an 1 1/2″.

    t-shirt to vest adding eyelets

    Evenly space grommets down each side.

    t-shirt to vest add grommets

    Lace it up with some cute ribbon.

    t-shirt to vest

    The skirt for this costume starts with a DIY tulle tutu and is topped with a lacy spider web table runner.

    How to make a tutu

    We used this tutorial on how to make a tutu.  However, in that tutu tutorial I purchased tulle off the bolt from a fabric store.  Now having made the tutus both ways, I think the tulle off the bold makes a more durable tutu.  Both methods do work.

    Start with tulle and an elastic headband or piece of elastic. I used two roll, but could have easily added more.

    diy tulle tutu supplies

    Decide how long the tutu is to be, add a few extra inches for the knot and double this amount. Cut lengths of tulle.

    how to make a tutu step 1

    Place elastic headband around your thigh. Fold length of tulle in half and place under the elastic headband.

    how to make a tutu step 1a

    Reach under the loop.

    how to make a tutu step 2Pull the tails of the tulle through the loop.

    how to make a tutu step 4

    Pull tight.

    how to make a tutu step 5

    Continue all the way around the elastic headband.

    how to make a tutu tutorial

    This tulle tutu is great as is or embellish it with a lace spiderweb table runner. All you need is a table runner, black ribbon and Peel-n-Stick Fabric Fuse.

    table runner to skirt supplies

    Measure waist and add a few inches for tying. Place Peel-n-Stick on back of ribbon. (leave a few inches free of tape for tying or securing with no-sew velcro.

    table runner to skirt peel-n-stick fabric fuseRemove paper backing from Peel-n-Stick.

    table runner to skirt no sew fabric tape

    Gather table runner along sticky ribbon securing table runner to the ribbon.

    no sew table runner to skirt

    Place lace spider web skirt over tulle tutu.

    cute witch costume

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    1. Jenny
      Saturday, October 25th, 2014
      Love the witch costume and that has to be the cutest witch ever!! That is one great tutorial too! Thanks for another amazing idea!
    2. Friday, October 24th, 2014
      I wish I had seen this before I ordered a costume - it's perfect and something even I could have done
    3. Friday, October 24th, 2014
      I love how this costume turned out! Love the vest! Pinned!
    4. Wednesday, October 15th, 2014
      This costume is so cute!!!
    5. LMyers
      Wednesday, October 15th, 2014
      Did you buy the striped tights at Michaels also? I love them and want to get them!!!