I can’t wait to share this darling kid’s witch costume with you! Just a few supplies and a couple of pre-made items and you can have the cutest witch on the block. Best of all, this DIY witch costume is no sew!

We love dressing up for Halloween at our house and especially coming up with themes for family costumes. Be sure to check out our favorite costumes through the years! Can you believe I got my family to dress up as KISS (check out the face paint)? You might also like these costumes for babies.

witch costume

Witch Costume Ideas

This year Bella wanted to be a witch for Halloween, and I came up with this easy witch costume. This cute homemade witch costume was so simple to make, it could easily be made in an evening.

I personally think the purple, orange, and black striped tights really make this outfit. Find all the extras (hat, broom, socks) in the Halloween section in almost any store. A unique witch hat is a good investment because you will end up using it year after year. Everyone needs a last-minute costume up their sleeves for a party or Halloween night.

Cute Witch Costume Supplies

To make this costume, purchase a witch hat, socks, and a broom. My daughter loved picking these items out and I enjoyed seeing her sense of style – no long black dress for this witch!

witch costume supplies

Complement these store bought items with a t-shirt turned into a vest, embellished with eyelets and ribbon. Spools of tulle and a Halloween table runner make the spooky skirt.

How to Make a DIY Witch Costume

Ready for some hocus pocus? First, start by making a vest from a t-shirt. This ribbon and grommet enhanced t-shirt gives the witch that perfect whimsical touch… and it is no sew!

We used this vest idea to make a pirate costume and also Little Red Riding Hood. Is so quick and easy and I think makes the costume.

For our witch Halloween costume we picked a purple shirt that picked up the purple color in the striped socks. You can go with a classic witch look or get as bright and funky as you want!

First, lay t-shirt out flat.

t-shirt to vest tutorial

Now cut off sleeves and shorten the shirt if necessary. Leave extra length to trim points in the front of the vest at the end.


Next, cut a slit up the front of the shirt.

t-shirt to vest cut center

Then cut each side of the neck at an angle.

t-shirt to vest cut neck

Grab an eyelet tool and 8 sets of eyelets. Fold each side of the front of the shirt under about an 1 1/2″.

t-shirt to vest adding eyelets

Evenly space grommets down each side. As you can see, the vest is already starting to come together!

t-shirt to vest add grommets

Now lace it up with some cute ribbon, and that’s it! I thought this contrasting orange was such a cute way to coordinate with the striped socks.

t-shirt to vest

Now that the vest is done, you’re ready to assemble the skirt. The skirt for our girl’s witch costume starts with a DIY tulle tutu and is topped with a lacy spider web table runner.

How to Make the Tulle Skirt

Our witch needed a fancy skirt, so we used this tutorial on how to make a tutu. However, in that tutu tutorial, I purchased tulle off the bolt from a fabric store.

Now, having made the tutus both ways, I think the tulle off the bolt makes a more durable tutu. But both methods do work. We made our tutu a bit more fancy by attaching a spiderweb table runner over the orange tutu.

Start with tulle and an elastic headband or piece of elastic. I used two rolls of tulle but could have easily added more.

diy tulle tutu supplies

First, decide how long the tutu is to be, then add a few extra inches for the knot and double this amount. Cut lengths of tulle.

how to make a tutu step 1

Place elastic headband around your thigh. Now fold the length of tulle in half and place the looped end under the elastic headband.

how to make a tutu step 1a

Reach under the loop, and then spread it with your fingers and thumb to create an opening.

how to make a tutu step 2

Now pull the tails of the tulle through the loop.

how to make a tutu step 4

Pull tight.

how to make a tutu step 5

Now you’ll repeat this process with the rest of your tulle. Continue all the way around the elastic headband until you’ve created a nice, full skirt.

how to make a tutu tutorial

Kid’s Witch Costume

This tulle tutu is great as is, or embellish it with a lace spiderweb table runner. All you need to put the finishing touches on this fancy no-sew kid’s witch costume is a table runner, black ribbon and Peel-n-Stick Fabric Fuse.

table runner to skirt supplies

First, measure the waist, and add a few inches for tying. Place Peel-n-Stick on back of the ribbon. Leave a few inches free of tape for tying or securing with no-sew velcro. You will love this product.

table runner to skirt peel-n-stick fabric fuse

Remove paper backing from Peel-n-Stick.

table runner to skirt no sew fabric tape

Now gather the table runner along the sticky ribbon, securing table runner to the ribbon. You could also use hot glue.

no sew table runner to skirt

Place lace spider web skirt over tulle tutu. What a beautiful overlay! Nobody can tell this is made from a table runner, because it looks like a fancy costume you’d pay good money for at the specialty Halloween shop.

cute witch costume

How darling it turned out! She looked so cute complete with Mary Jane’s shoes. We’re all ready for casting spells and collecting candy! Whether you have a good witch, a wicked witch, or just a fancy little trick or treater, this DIY witch costume will make your witch the life of any Halloween party.

Halloween is definitely a family affair at our house! Check out these family costumes for inspiration for your group. If you’re looking for a Glinda the Good Witch style of witch costume, don’t miss the Wizard of Oz themed costumes!

More DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

I have fantastic memories of making our own costumes at home growing up. The extra creativity and time spent daydreaming about the perfect costume make Halloween even more special, don’t you think?

We spent good mother-daughter time together working on Bella’s witch costume, and that bonding time is such a nice feeling. If you’re looking for more homemade costume ideas for memorable trick or treating, read on!

This frozen cape turned out really great. In fact, we did it about 30 minutes before a party.  You won’t believe that it is also a no sew project! You can change the color for your cape to make this work well with a lot of different Halloween costume ideas.

This easy butterfly costume is really bright and fun, and really comfortable for kids to wear. You can make this one in an afternoon, too, with very few supplies! Best of all, Bella got to color the wings however she wanted using markers!


A little chef costume would be adorable on children of any age. Whip up a child’s chef hat with this easy tutorial, and pair it with a sweet matching apron. My girl wants to wear hers on ordinary days when I’m baking something in the kitchen, and who am I to say no?

DIY childs chef costume

This duct tape bullwhip is the perfect addition to an Indiana Jones costume. To make this dangerously cool accessory, you actually braid the tape into a durable and realistic whip. It’s not just for boys either – use gold duct tape and create a Wonder Woman lasso!

diy duct tape bullwhip

DIY Halloween Ideas

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  • Host friends for an amazing party to celebrate here are some spooktacular Halloween dinner ideas.
  • If you are having a party here are my tride and true Halloween Party Games.
  • Dress up your house with these cheap Halloween decorations you can make with everyday household items. We’ve have cute indoor and outdoor decor ideas, party favors, clever lighting effects, and more!

Are you ready for Halloween? Be sure to share your funniest, craziest, cutest costume ideas in the comments!

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  1. Oh wow!! This is really creative! Love how easy you can put this up! Perfect for last minute costume idea!

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  3. This is so cute and creative! I love the tutu you made, it’s so adorable. I have a feeling I know what my girls are going to be for Halloween when I show this to them!

  4. Love the witch costume and that has to be the cutest witch ever!! That is one great tutorial too! Thanks for another amazing idea!

  5. I wish I had seen this before I ordered a costume – it’s perfect and something even I could have done

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